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      Hey everyone can someone tell what's the best way to pin point the cause of my tinnitus ?I'm 21 male and this is freaking me out, I realize that sound on it self it's not harmful but it has a negative effect on my concentration and the struggle is real to sleep each night..

      It started a week ago , I hear a high pitch continuously the only thing that makes it better is skull thumping trick as seen here when I cover my ears the sound it's like a whistle on my right ear but the relief from that method is like 1 minute maybe less , the sound doesn't seem to change by body position

      The sound started after a gym session and before that I had pain when trying to yawn and occasional on my upper back , I also had a white spot and inflamed throat but after taking paracetamol and gargling salt water that went way, i tried doing some neck stretching to see if the sound would change but nothing, I have impacted wisdom teeth but from the research I've done it's rare that's the cause.. I started taking some pills for allergies that weren't my usual brand but after stopping around 3/4 days ago the noise remains the same other than that I smoke on a regular basis and now whenever I do it makes the sound higher.

      Sorry for the long text and the eventual grammar error's , i'm getting really anxious about this any help would be really appreciated please.
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      Hello @Cesar, the best way to find the cause is to be visited by the doctors, who can check your ears / brain / blood / etc. If you're lucky, you will find the cause. The site you linked gives good suggestions, some of them could give you some relief, none of them will stop your tinnitus. The most important is that you are being visited by more than one doctor. :)
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      not sure
      Your T is very new. It has been suggested that new T sufferer should see a doctor to get some steroid like prednisone as soon as possible. So take care of that first. Try masking also to help you cope with the new sound. Here is TT resource material with advice and masking sound tracks to start you off. Read up the success stories as much as possible so you know that people do get better over time. Relax and stay positive.

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