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Discussion in 'Support' started by Rachiejo, Jan 17, 2015.

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      Hi Everyone!

      I have had T mainly in my left ear for a year now which has been very mild (can only hear it in complete silence if I thought about it) so it didn't bother me at all and I habituated pretty was noise induced from going clubbing every weekend without ear protection (silly me). I have had a spike in my left ear which I went to the Dr about and turns out I have fluid in my left ear which is probably making the T sound louder and I also feel pressure in my left ear.

      Anyway, the spike has caused me to have huge anxiety about my T not going to go back to it's normal level again and made me fear that it will only get worse in the future! I think about it all the time now & the horror stories you read don't make it any better. I no longer go clubbing or anywhere loud as I don't want to make it worse. The Dr said he didn't see any reason it would get worse as long as I protect my ears but I am still really scared of this happening.

      Sorry for the really long post...I guess I'm just looking for a reassurance that it will get better & I will habituate again even if the ringing doesn't go back to the normal level :)
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      I imagine your tinnitus will get better as your condition (= fluid behind eardrum) resolves.
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      I am sure that your t will go down and you also habutate again,just try to remain positive and it will go back down,just give it a bit of time and try to relax.
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      There seem to be a fair chance your tinnitus goes back to normal.

      But even if it doesn't and frankly no mather how bad it gets, you'll still pull through.

      There are numerous people here on Tinnitustalk that do, appearantly.
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      if the cause of your tinnitus is fluid in your ear drums, then once the fluid is gone the tinnitus will be gone!!! and even if its not gone, you'll habituate to the higher sound again, trust me! sooner than you think your mind is not gonna notice it anymore!

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