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      Hi everyone. I've had the big T for 3 years now due two two acoustic traumas at work in my right ear -left is fine- in my job as an Engineer. Just had an MIR scan at my local hospital in case it was something serious but given the all clear on that front thank heavens ,but now in limbo as my Doc says it's just something you've got to live with.

      The last two years I've been reading everything I can on Neuroscience ( two thousand hours of research at the moment) and I would like to post some of my ideas on potential methods of improving it and need some feedback on my possible solutions.

      Bear in mind I'm not a medical professional but my career does involve finding why things go wrong then repairing them. Hope that doesn't sound daft, but if tinnitus IS caused by auditory cortex neurons producing random signals to compensate for zero stimulus for specific frequencys in the cochlea. Then I would like to throw a few ideas onto the pitch for you to kick about.

      Thanks a lot guys.

      Ps where would I place my first post of my theory?
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      Hey, and warmest welcome to the forums,

      please post your theories under "Support". It's currently the most appropriate place for discussing one's own theories.


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