Neurology Chiropractor and Vestibular Disorder

Discussion in 'Support' started by LisaB, Jul 5, 2019.

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      Probably had tinnitus for quite some time but in January the volume was turned up HIGH! Went to doctor, got hearing checked, referred to ENT for an MRI, lots of lab work. Walked out of ENT doctor after spending $1000+ with recommendation to go to Walmart and get sound machine. Had been going to chiropractor to try that but was not successful but in the meantime I have major pain in neck and upper shoulder. My chiropractor referred me to another one who specializes in neurology. Found signs of vestibular disorder and being treated for that.

      Here is the question - anyone else doing that? VERY strange treatments. TENS stimulation while gargling, chair spinning (very slow), using a device to slowly blow air into my one ear, some strange shock therapy used on side of tongue and above one eyebrow. We are trying this for 2 weeks, 3x a week and some home work.

      Ears still screeching away so far. I have some days where it pretty much stops then others someone turns up the volume. And my doggone neck and shoulders are killing me. Probably arthritis. Now the neck pain is worse than the tinnitus.

      Anyone suggestions, at my wits end. Weirdest part is that fresh pineapple has often been immediate relief. Not always but often.

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