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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Puddytat, Mar 19, 2014.

    1. Puddytat

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      Hello everyone. I have only had tinnitus for a little while and I am desperately anxious and frightened that I just won't cope. I am in Staffordshire, England. I live on my own and this is so hard.....
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    2. citigirl13

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      Ouch. Very hard to be living on your own with T @Puddytat. I too am in the UK, in North Yorkshire.

      A lot of people feel the way you do: panicked, like they can't cope. I felt the same. But it has been two months and two days for me, and I am hanging in there. There are times when I don't even think of my T. Many people start out the same as you, but they learn to cope and eventually habituate to T i.e. they don't notice it, only when it is pointed out.

      Try not to panic, because there are links between anxiety and T. The best thing you can do is keep busy and try not to think about it. I see you have only had it since February. That isn't a long time and there is a good chance it will go.

      Can I ask some questions about your T: do you know the reason for it? How loud is it? Is it constant? What does it sound like?

      Try to stay calm and I hope things work out well. Keep us posted!
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      Bad luck and bad genes
      I live on my own as well, well I have tinnitus for company now. A little tinnitus humor.
    4. Karen

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      Welcome to Tinnitus Talk, Puddytat!

      I agree with Citigirl's comments about remaining calm and keeping busy. When you are new to tinnitus, it seems overwhelming and impossible to cope with, but those of us who have had it for awhile have learned to live with it, and often don't notice it during the day.

      What can you do right now? Well, first of all, it is helpful to find some sort of sounds (nature sounds, such as running water, work well) to mask your tinnitus. I have a sound machine with various nature sounds on it, and it works for me. I used to keep it running all night, but now I only use it when it is too quiet in the house. Or, you could try using a fan, set on low, during the night to help you drift off to sleep.

      It is important to get enough sleep, and if the tinnitus is keeping you awake. you might try taking a sleep aid, such as melatonin or valerian root, or even chamomile tea. Some people on this forum have tried various prescription drugs for anxiety, that help with sleep. One of them that people like is Remeron, which must be prescribed by a physician.

      Another thing that has worked for me is natural supplements. I've had some success with magnesium, fish oil, and B vitamins. I also take extra niacin, which also seems to help.

      Also, it is important to keep yourself busy and distracted so that you don't think of the tinnitus so much. Going outside for a walk in the fresh air always helps me. I keep myself occupied with games, crossword puzzles, reading, etc. -- anything to keep my mind off the tinnitus.

      You'll have good days and bad days during these first few months, but eventually, most people really do habituate to their tinnitus, at least partially.

      I wish you a calm evening this evening, and we're all here to support one another. If you have questions about how to cope, please let us know. We're here for you!!

      Best wishes,
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    5. Sound Wave

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      Probably headphones
    6. emmy2405

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      Genetic/Audio Damage
      Hello @Puddytat :welcomesignanimation:

      I am sorry to hear you are struggling with T... My mum also lives on her own and suffers from the dreaded noise. I have also recently become a victim of T as well (nearly 2 weeks).

      Try to keep your mind occupied - (I know, it sounds so easy when it's not) I find doing day-to-day things or listening to music in the background helps. I also listen to soundscapes getting to sleep like running water.

      Hang in there, I have only been on this site two days and the people are wonderful with great advice and caring words. We will get through this!!

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    7. Jeff M.

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      Hey @Puddytat !

      Welcome to TT!! You'll find great support and advice here!

      Hey @emmy2405 , look at you, a newbie already handing out encouragement!! Good on ya!! I hope you don't mind me sharing with @Puddytat what I shared with you yesterday;

      Sorry that you are suffering!! I am glad you found us here on TT though!! You will find great support, info, and shoulders to cry on here!!! :)

      Tinnitus is always worst early on. Your brain is freaking out at this "noise", and it throws everything off. I remember feeling just like you(I have had T a year and a half)!! It seems impossible, I know, but it WILL get better. You WILL get stabilized and have a quality life!! It may even go away!! Too soon to say. But be confident and assured (especially by those of us who have gone thru what you are experiencing and have prevailed!) that things will get better!

      SLEEP is paramount!! Make sure you can establish a good sleep cycle (I know, it's hard). Exercise and get naturally tired, maybe try OTC sleep aids, sleepytime hot tea before bed, even as Tandpiano mentioned, possible prescription meds to get you stabilized and sleeping. Get your sleep on!!!

      Also, I echo Seal's recommendation to see an audiologist!! There may be something they can do or recommend.

      Stay connected to your life, to your friends and family (and to us here at TT). Don't withdraw!!

      Take Care!!!
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    8. tom68

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      Hey Puddytat - I'm in Derby so you are just down the road from me. It is a more common problem than you realise - well than I realised anyway - so many have just learnt to live with it but at least that shows that most people can learn to live with it. I know that sounds awful - I don't want to learn to live with it either but I think it really will get easier and often the tinnitus itself will lessen - I haven't had it long but mine definitely seems less intrusive and there are times when either it goes altogether or I don't notice it - not always easy to say which.

      The other thing is there are things you can do - new treatments are being developed with clinical trials and so on which you could maybe try and get into - and even if not it's likely some drugs will start coming onto the market within a few years. In other words there is hope, always.
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