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Discussion in 'Support' started by Marie79, Jul 27, 2016.

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      So I'm going to a new dr who specializes in anxiety disorders. My habituation is definitely being hindered by my anxiety and I am pretty much having constant panic attacks. It's alot to do with my fear that it will get worse so I can't relax and stop checking.

      He has experience in tinnitus patients. He said that I need to be on .25 klonopin in the morning and at night. Again I have other anxiety issues to so not just T but it is making that so much worse. He said 2 months of that combined with CBT and coping therapies will make me much better and that after that he will wean me off. He said that because I am in such panic mode it is making it super hard to get my mind of the T to focus on the coping skills.

      So of course my first thing was "omg I will get addicted." He assured me that wouldn't happen and that we have very clear steps to make this work.

      I have takan xanax sparingly and will drink wine at night (won't with the klonopin) to get by.

      I took my first klonopin yesterday and WOW. It just stabilized me and evened me out and made me feel like this is what it is like for other people to live that aren't just as panicky. I didn't care about the T as much and the sensitivity to any beeping or high pitch noise really went down.

      Is this all a bad idea? I hear horror stories on here about klonopin.
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