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Discussion in 'Support' started by Samantha, Oct 7, 2015.

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      Hi there,
      I went to a club 6 days ago that was incredibly loud- like nothing I've ever experienced. I think I was there maybe 2.5 hours. I noticed while there my throat was quite sore. Anyway on the way home my friends and I complained about our ears ringing. However everyones stopped the next day. Except me. I have a high pitched ringing in my right ear, it also feels muffled/blocked. It can be masked kind of easily by white sound but thats about it. I went to the doctor who was pretty useless and said it will probably go away. He gave me a referral to a ENT specialist if it doesn't go in a week. Ive already made an appointment because I am quite distressed. Work is challenging as it is a quiet environment. Im just really scared. Im only 24 and I don't normally go out very often, especially to super loud places. If anyone can relate or give me some guidance I would really appreciate it.
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      It seems you are doing everything right. All we can do is wait. It does teach one patience.
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      loud concert
      Go see a good ENT asap. The dr. might put you on Prednisone. I've heard that it might help if you get on it right away. It didn't help me but it's worth a try. Don't panic. I got my T from a loud concert. Very similar to your situation. Try not to panic. I did. I can't promise you it will go away. But I can almost promise that you will get better in the long run and be able to deal with it. I am so much better compared to that first month. Take care of your ears, no caffeine, no advil don't be around loud sounds. relax stay calm. Use masking at night to sleep. Best to you
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      Just an update. My ringing has now gone. Just under 10 days after noise exposure. I had two sessions of acupuncture that seemed to help greatly. :)
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      So relieved for you Sam

      This was a warning..doesnt take much to damage your hair cells..

      Make sure you protect your ears at all times when anticipating loud noise exposure

      And enjoy the quiet once more ☺

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