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      hey guys! ...... i got T after trauma to my right ear when i was 23 while in grad school that was very demanding academically. I would spend 8+ hours in library daily and that sucked with T ringing in my ears.....

      times were tough....bed ridden for months due to depression and suicidal even for a time being for about a year....then got used to it live went on.......I kept on truckin and passed all my exams, graduated and found a good job.

      The important lesson that keeps me going is not to focus on your condition but more on what decisions you should make to make your life better. Easier said than done I know .....

      Some of my role models were Tony Robbins ( his book "Awaken the giant within) really helped me out and nick vujicic, dude with no arms and no legs but lived life to the fullest.

      I believe T is a condition that can be "defeated" using mental strength and positive thinking. I mean there are ppl in the world with so much worse conditions such as schizo (a sound drives us crazy, imagine a voices! geez)

      My T is pretty loud, (louder after I went clubbing last month...stupid stupid ! >< ;;) I can hear over TV, traffic outside my window but your body has a way of adapting and ignoring it. There are bad days where I focus on it but not for long.....

      Hellen Keller once said " Life is either a daring adventure or nothing" strong statement from someone who couldn't see or hear.

      We can use T as fuel to motivate us and live life to the fullest or let it rule our lives.....being 5+ years with T has been tough at times and probably have to live with it for the rest of my life but i am not scared of it b/c i rarely think about it now... for those still struggling hang in there and things will get better with time!
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      who knows? who cares?
      habituation is very real. even for very loud T. Great story.
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