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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Danielle85, Apr 24, 2015.

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      Hi Everyone - Found this forum in my endless search for information on why I am hearing pulsing in my head which started about 4 weeks ago. And what a relief it was to find a group of people enduring the same thing. It's amazing how much just not feeling alone is something that helps you cope with it better! I have read so many stories already and I am feeling more and more positive that perhaps there is a solution to my pulsatile tinnitus or at least I will habituate to it and be able to go on living my life like my normal happy self!
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      Hi there, I'm also new here, though I have been suffering from T for over 6 years.
      And I am hanging in other forums for about a year, and finally be here.

      How about your case? is it one ear or two ears? could you hear (a bit) from the T ear?
      Because in my experience, once your hearing ability is maintained to a certain level, the possibility of being cured or improving is much higher (of course there are only a few completely healed cases)

      Anyway, like you said, it is always a relief to find a group of people enduring the same thing, cheers pretty!!~

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