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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Brandon Bostwick, Dec 30, 2014.

    1. Brandon Bostwick

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      My tinnitus is pretty much constant but every once in a while a loud buzzing or hissing can be heard load enough that I cant hear correctly out of the ear. It lasts maybe 8 seconds then goes away. Am i losing hearing or what is it. Why is it happening.
    2. Karen

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      Hi, Brandon,

      It's not unusual for our tinnitus to change tones suddenly, or even add additional ones! I know that mine does that every so often, and I'm sure others will agree. However, if you're concerned, you might want to go to an audiologist for a hearing test. Have you had an audiogram done recently? Not everyone with tinnitus has hearing loss, although it is common.

      Did your tinnitus start due to noise trauma, or was it something that occurred gradually?

      We have lots of great information on this forum. Glad you've joined us!

      Best wishes,
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      This is called fleeting tinnitus. Even "normal" people with no chronic tinnitus experience this. It is nothing to worry about though I know it can be distressing.
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