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      Hey guys my name is Blake! It's been a rough time for me lately trying to cope with Tinnitus and Hyperacusis, I have now a profound respect for people that have to endure this ! Keep positive guys, i'm trying to do my best :)
      Any way, I thought that it might help to get some weight from my chest, talking about this.. and seeing if someone might have a similar case as mine !
      It all began out of nowhere, mid summer in 2015.

      My hearing has always been perfect, i could always hear super low frequencies and noises that most could not hear. And i'm an audiophile as well.
      But on summer, i had a huge case of rhinitis making me sneeze up to 30 times per day, since i have a huge intolerance case towards dust and mold. The sneeze would everytime make me bend and hurt my spine a lot. And it's in that period of time that i started to be sensible to loud noises, such as the sound of going to the movies. After seeing vice & versa i remember not being able to hear correctly for a couple of hours and having some T under the form of a static television turned on at night, but then eventually two days later everything came back to normal.

      Since that period of time, june/2015, I would always have from then, intolerance to loud noises, if i went to a pub i would leave the pub discovering that I had clogged ears, if a friend would put loud stereo music in the car, the same, clogged ears again, and maybe some less hearing too, but just temporary.

      After 6 months, things were working out pretty good for me, i felt like if i were healing but slowly, i could be exposed to louder sounds without having this clogged sensation. BUT one day, 11th of december, just before I had to travel to the US to see my family, a POLICE car rushed next to me, and unexpectedly turned on his sirens making my ears feel uncorfortable, giving me instant clogged ears and since then my H and T got like super bad, like really, I could hear these loud engines in my ears, and my hyperacusis got worst, for example : (each time a freagin" motorcycle making to much noise passes by, my ears will start ringing heavily and get muffled again, so it's hard going outside these days..)

      and I don't understand why this is happening to me. Can a 5-10 second exposure to a police sirene have damaged my ears?? I was maybe thinking of having acoustic shock disorder, since my ears feel funny and pop when there are loud noises.

      Feel free to ask any questions guys, and thank you for listening/reading my story :)
      I've added my audio test, let me know what you think about it, thanks ! :)
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      acoustic trauma
      Hi Blake, I'm so sorry for what's happened. I can relate to your symptoms, though my ears seemed fine until a cannon shot near me, and maybe an ear problem in my family tree so my condition progressed very differently than yours. I see your tinnitus started in June 2015, was that when you first got the symptoms that came and went, or was that when this last bout started? How are you doing with coping?
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      Welcome to the forum @Perry. I have empathy for your suffering with T & H. I had both of them too a few years back. My T is ultra high pitch dog whistle and my H turned all normal sounds too loud and piercingly hurtful. It was a hard struggle with them as they are mutually exclusive, meaning if you try to wear ear plugs for H, then T becomes unbearably dominant without any outside masking sounds. Life was tough during those days. But have no worry. H usually fades before T especially those type of H coming after high pitch T. Mine faded in a year. Today I live a normal and absolutely enjoyable life and write my success story like many other members. I list many strategies that have helped me getting better. For brevity, you may check them out by this link. So be positive that in due time you will get better like many members do. Take good care and God bless.
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