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      Hi All,

      Just wanted to connect with some folks here who might be able to offer some advice or support for a new unwanted thing in my life.

      I'm 40, work in IT and have recently moved to Germany for work. Born in Australia.

      A bit about my concerns then.... I've always had some kind of blockage in my ears. Often describing the sensation to others of "hearing underwater". I've kind of gotten used to it, and overall, wouldn't say it effects me too much in everyday like.

      Even though I played bass in a band when a teenager, I eventually switched to wearing earplugs here. I have had hearing tests over the years with medicals and always been informed that I have "perfect hearing". I also experienced a perforated ear drum in my right ear from a firecracker that a friend let off close to my ear when I was about 18. This healed fine and again, I had no complaints for over 20 years. And since a teen, have always worn protection for my ears, at work, mowing lawn etc.

      Over the last ten years, I've had Many middle ear infections, where antibiotics were needed to clear things up. The Dr suggested that my Eustacian tubes were perhaps underformed and not functioning correctly and most likely the cause of the infections. Nothing sinister seemed to stem from this. The Dr suggested grommets as a next step.
      I've never been able to really breathe through my nose, always having some level of blockage present and I would often have very bad sinus irritations for days where my nose would drip non-stop.

      All this time, I still had that "fluidy" feeling in my ears. But had more or less learnt to live with it. Again, it didn't seem to impact my life at all in a negative way.

      By a fluidy feeling I mean that if I tip my head, I can tip my head and hear the movement of fluid in my ear.
      My ear often feels heavy and if I stick my finger in my ear and wiggle, I kind of get the same head tilting sound produced. When swallowing I also get very large clicks and squelches, especially on my right side and when in a plane, I basically feel like I loose 50% or my hearing as my ears won't equalise. If I hold my nose and swallow, I also get the same 50% loss. It feels like I instantly block up, until I release and swallow a few times. Things then return to normal.

      About 5 years ago, I had an intermittent beeping appear in my right ear. It lasted approx 5 days and then seemed to simply vanish. No trauma brought this on, as I am careful with my hearing, (I don't go to concerts etc)

      Now fast forward to last week.....

      This intermittent beeping has appeared in my right ear again. Just out of the blue... It seems similar to the previous sound in the sense it was an intermittent beeping too.

      Now, there are a few things here which are peculiar
      My ear does feel quite full and stuffy, and the side of my head isn't really sore, but there does feel like some kind of sensation there.
      I went to the Dr, and they gave me some nose spray to allow me to clear up my sinuses etc, thinking there may be fluid in my ear causing the beeping.

      The strange thing is that the beeping stops if I block my ear with either a finger or earplug!

      So, I've been able to deduct that the beeping seems to be a reaction to an external noise. Ie, if I'm in a quiet room, there is no peeping or beeping in my ear, as soon as I go to where TV is playing, it will begin. If I then put my finger in my right ear, it stops.
      Also, when I walk the movement seems to do the same thing (not always). Create a beep, beeeeeeep. If I hear this and instantly stand still, it instantly stops?! Always...

      So in bed at night, when all is quiet, there is no perceived noise. I thought, I maybe once heard it, but I was TRYING really hard to see if it was. So fortunately, I can get decent reset as it doesn't bother me when I sit still and quiet, even skyping family and friends isn't a problem and doesn't make the sound, only things a little bit louder. like as busy kitchen etc. It also does it if I'm down the street too.

      Any ideas what this could be? It came on so suddenly and has been present for about a week now. I'm hoping it goes away.

      The Dr and ENT I visited in tha last week said it's not Tinnitus as it isn't constant, but I don't feel rested at all, as what could it be??? And when will it go?

      My wife suggested it may be the fluid in my ear creating the problem when external sounds come into "contact" with it? It almost feels like I can feel the beep more than I can hear it... If that makes sense.

      I'm lost for ideas, and starting to get concerned.

      Bye for now,

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