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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Juan Fichtl, Sep 23, 2015.

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      Hello everyone, 21 years old young man from Mexico City here. I went to a bar this Friday and the music was quite loud, next day I wake up with this awful high pitched ringing sound. I seriously CAN'T sleep with this thing, I've tried hypnotherapy via YouTube and a couple of ambient music thingies to moderate to poor effect. I just had a hearing test done today and apparently there's nothing wrong with my hearing (apart from a 10db deficiency at 1000hz in my right ear, still normal hearing). I should mention that I tried one of those YouTube vids with frequencies and both my ears go to about 15khz. However, the doctor told me my eardrums looked inflamed and she removed some impacted wax I had on my left ear, so now I only hear the ringing in my right ear. I also went to my regular otorhinolaryngologist to get checked out (I have rhinitis) and he also said that he didn't see any cause for concern, he prescribed a two-month-one-wafer-a-day treatment for the allergy and both the doctors said it should just go away. I was previously taking loratadine + betamethasone tablets.

      Honestly the ringing is not that bad, the really annoying thing is that I can't sleep because of the sound and I only hear it when I want to relax! I'm not used to sleeping with noise in the background, any of you has some advice on this? Considering that I've no apparent damage and the hearing test went fine can I expect the tinnitus to resolve? I don't want this to have a great impact in my life but honestly it's getting really annoying. I already bought some earplugs to wear while on the street. Thanks in advance!
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      Welcome. You can try masking with pleasant music or nature sounds. You don't have to use white noise. That was what I did when my T was new. I masked all day, at bed time with a sound machine & CD player playing nature sounds, at work with a sound generator 'aire freshener' (free download) on my work PC, and on the go with an ipod nano. Masking will help reduce the annoyance and anxiety and you will feel you still have some control over T. There is a sleep thread link on this TT support thread which you can get some masking sounds via an audio player also. Try out masking and get some sleep help and you may feel much better. So don't panic and don't despair. Good life can return after some time. So have patience and let mother time do its healing. Take care and God bless.

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