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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Mike L, Feb 5, 2016.

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      Hey everyone!

      I am currently suffering from T. Not too sure how it came along this time. I had it back in 2011 and it lasted about 6 months in my left ear and one day I was messing with my jaw and it completely stopped. Now this time around January 2016 I cant remember when I noticed it again, but I know its not from loud noise. I am going to an ENT soon and hopefully he can give me some insight. I'm coping pretty well with it. I did freak for about a week and broke down one day, but I am handling it a lot better.

      Its not very loud, really only notice it if I try or if i'm in a completely quiet room. Its in both ears, but louder in the left. I feel like maybe my jaw may be the culprit again... when I go to lay down my jaw out of no where feels like some one is squeezing it and has lots of pressure and starts to hurt. Once I stand back up it stops hurting. I do have lots of stress from work and other things i'm sure that doesn't help with it.

      Any way that's my story as of now. I look forward to speaking with you guys!
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      I'm no expert but it sounds like TMJ to me. Your ENT will probably suggest that's what it is also. Your dentist will most likely be better versed in dealing with it to be honest.

      Generally though I think it's a good thing if your tinnitus is not caused by hearing loss/audio trauma. You may be able to find relief by having your jaw issues resolved.

      Best wishes!
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