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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by David Lee, Jun 25, 2013.

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      I didn't know that there is a forum for sufferers...

      To begin with, my tinnitus nightmare began with a sudden ringing and hearing loss on my left ear. The hearing loss improved slightly but there weren't any improvement with the tinnitus.

      Having seen an ENT specialist locally (pretty competent), I had an MRI which revealed nothing wrong with my ears but there was a build-up of fluids in my Maximilary Sinus on the left side. He theorized that it was due to nerve damage from an infection (of which there is nothing that can be done) but I had a sinus operation anyway to drain the fluids.

      I recently found out that I am also diabetic (type II so far, but could end up being a type I) which I hope wouldn't really affect my tinnitus. Of course, lately the ringing is getting more noticeable than in the past.

      The tinnitus has affected me pretty badly as I have been having trouble sleeping, as well as hampering my ability to enjoy and play music.

      So, that's me. Hope to enjoy my stay here.
    2. Karen

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      Hi, David,

      Welcome to Tinnitus Talk! We have a lot of great people here who are experiencing similar problems. Sorry for your hearing loss, and the diabetes, too. I think you're right; tinnitus is probably not affected by the diabetes. However, many of us find that if we watch our diet, it does seem to keep the tinnitus a little bit calmer.

      Are you taking anything for sleep? Some folks on here have used benzo drugs or anti-anxiety drugs on a short-term basis, so that they can get some sleep.

      As for me, I am opting for natural remedies. What works for me is magnesium (taken about 1 hour before bed) along with a combination natural tablet that contains melatonin, vitamins, valerian root, etc.

      I hope you are able to get some sleep soon. That will help you to feel better, and will keep your tinnitus calmer, as well.

      There are several musicians on this forum who can offer you lots of advice on how to still be able to enjoy listening to and playing music. There are various types of musician-grade ear plugs that they might suggest to help you during music sessions.

      Look around on this forum, and you'll find lots of great information!

      Best wishes,
    3. AUTHOR
      David Lee

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      Thanks Karen!

      I've never really explored any supplements other than Vitamin B, which was prescribed to me previously. I'll look into that.

      As for music, I'm constantly worried that I will no longer be able to play since I have "lost" one ear, but the other ear seemed to have coped pretty well so far.
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      Feb 2013
      Hi David, I an a musician too, Or was before this started its a horrible tinnitus started, I think we are all in the same boat, I have tried everything , cost a fortune in private session with hypnotherapy etc, today I am going to try antidepressants, I miss playing but terrified in case it makes it worse. I hope you find these chat lines helpful, some people have some good advice. Best wishes Avril
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      hi piber and david i had an ear infection a year ago before that i had a Little t for many ears have also been the t is rough,and has taken over my life .the t get louder and louder and no really sleap .the children have Holiday and i lie in a smal room with maskinnoice.i have read about stemcelterapy but it takes 5 years i hope life have been total different.

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