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      Hello my name is Ashley, Im 24 and the whooshing in my ear started in December 2012 from day one its been constant in my right ear only. If I put pressure on my right jugular/carotid artery it stops. I had a baby 4 months prior and blood pressure was a little high but coming down as I lost weight. It started a few days after a huge cry fest (big family issue) and so I thought it was sinuses. I went to the doctor about a month and a half after it started and he looked in my ear, found nothing, and told me to try nose spray and sudafed. It continued for another 6 months. When I went back my doctor listened to my ear, checked my ear, put pressure on my neck, and then ordered a hearing test (all clear), MRI, and MRA both no contrast. He called to tell me everything was fine. A few months later I go back for the same thing and he seems shocked it hasn't gone away. He calls someone who tells me they can give me a "zen hearing aid"... Yeah because if I can't stand the sound of the ocean in my ear right now, your wind chime "zen aid" will do the trick! So anyways as I laugh at him about this hearing aid he said "the MRI tech noted you had a head trauma, right?" I thought as the doctor he would check my record and realize I never had any head trauma at all. I was shocked but caught so off guard I didn't even ask him why it would show that. This is just so frustrating, I don't know what to do, and I don't want to just live with this. I really feel like something is wrong. I have this pressure in my neck, a new white film that shows up in the very back of my tongue through out the day, and then I'm stating to feel a pain in the ear. Last night I went on a longer bike ride than normal and when I got home I felt a horrible pain in the ear, it felt like it does if you out a q-tip in too far. I google pulsatile tinnitus and so many things come up it worries me. I'm terrified that my doctor will only figure this out if something big happens (God forbid). I just asked him for a referral to a ENT. I also had anemia when I was pregnant, not sure if I still have it. It's been almost a year and I know so many people have it for longer but I'm just trying to figure this out.
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      Several years ago, my wife lost a lot of blood, and she heard whooshing. Have you had abnormal bleeding? Has your doctor checked your hemoglobin levels?

      It's interesting that you say the MRI tech noted head trauma. That can be a potential cause of tinnitus. However, it doesn't quite make sense to get a "whoosh" from head trauma.

      There are websites for "whooshers" which may have useful information.
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      Hi, Ashley, and welcome!

      As Karl suggests, it might be good to be checked again to see if your anemia has improved. Anemia can do strange things to your body, including cause changes to the appearance of your tongue.

      I am a "whoosher", too. Like you, mine is only in my right ear. The sounds I hear in my right ear are my heartbeat, (which sounds more like a drum than a whoosh to me) and a steady high-pitched hissing sound that never varies. Do you have more than one sound in your ear?

      My pulsating started suddenly, too --- after taking blood pressure medicine for the first time, and then trying to get off the medicine quickly. I also had some emotional trauma around that same time; my mother passed away, and then a month later, my youngest daughter got married. Yours may have started because of your pregnancy and its after-effects, plus the high blood pressure, along with the emotional trauma you went through at that time.

      I had a similar situation - high blood pressure, which caused me a lot of emotional trauma and worry - followed by changes to my vascular system which could have been caused by the blood pressure drugs. I somehow suspect those sudden changes were all related, and you went through quite a few changes, too.

      I've had a CT scan (without contrast), MRI and MRA with contrast, and they could find nothing unusual. One of my doctors suggested a CT scan with contrast, but I haven't done that yet, because of concerns about radiation, and about the iodine contrast dye.

      I'm glad you got a referral to an ENT. If you go to that doctor, and he is unable to help, you might try a specialist, such as a neurotologist or a neurologist, who knows a little more about pulsatile tinnitus. There are some referrals to three specific doctors on who might be able to help if you send them a copy of your tests. All of these doctors are in the U.S. If you need any assistance with this, please send me a private message.

      Best wishes,

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