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      I am new to this website but not to tinnitus. I got it 15 years ago from a loud club. It never bothered me. I had maybe 2-3 flare ups in 15 years. 7 months ago while I was 5 months pregnant with my second child my tinnitus went crazy- got louder for no reason, goes up and down. I went to the ENT and he said my hearing is normal and that the tinnitus craziness is probably due to my pregnancy (my hormones). Well 3 months after giving birth I still have crazy tinnitus. I am thinking that my hormones are not quite back to normal yet. I am in the middle of an ear infection (which I rarely got until I was pregnant the 2nd time). I am on amoxicillin (which has not bothered me) and Cortisporin Otic Solution- which I am scared to use!! They say causes hearing loss. But the ATA website says it is safe to use and will not cause hearing loss unless you have a preforated ear drum- which I do not have. I used it once and scared to use it again.
      So far that is my story!
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      Welcome to TT! I hope to write more tomorrow, I'm on my phone. Sorry to hear about your flare ups. Those can seriously challenge your habituation as I know all too well.
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      Thank you Hudson!

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