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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by CJ83, Dec 4, 2014.

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      Hello everyone,on the first day
      of november,when I went to bed,I noticed that my ears were ringing.It came out of the blue. Doctor wasn't very sure,but told me I probably have eustachian tubes inflamaciĆ³n (Im allergic and hace deviated septum).I've been on Deflazacort 30mg for 7 days,and Amavys since then.Nothing has improved,in fact I now have hyperacusis.My tinnitus is in both ears (usually more in the left one),and in the head,and it sounds like tv static.It changes when I move my head,when I deep breathe,when I wake up/lay down...
      I also have mild dizzyness and clicking of the ears (particulary when I swallow). They rarely hurt.
      Something strange is that,when I press my ears,I can feel inside a thumping sound,something vibrating very hard.
      Also strange is that the tinnitus varies constantly in pitch,intensity,even goes from one ear to the other.
      Right now I'm very upset and the only thing thst calms me a little is alprazolam...but I dont want to become an addict.
      Right before tinnitus appeared I was very anxious,I think I have had great anxiety for years,I dont know if by treating anxiety the tinnitus will go.
      I forgot to say that Im taking ginkgo and taking back massages.
      What do you think of muy situation?
      Also sorry for my english
    2. _Steven_

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      Did you visit an ent and got your hearing tested by an audiologist?
    3. Karen

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      Hi, CJ83, and welcome!

      I'm so sorry you're having tinnitus problems, and that they started so suddenly. I agree with Steven (above) that it would be good for you to be checked by an audiologist, if you haven't already done so.

      Yes, if you can get your tension under control, you may begin to feel a lot better. The tinnitus may or may not go away, but it may improve somewhat if you are calmer.

      Is the thumping sound in exact time with your heartbeat, or more of a random sound?
    4. Ray2112

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      2 Weeks

      I have the same problem, mine started out of nowhere, hope it will settle, I think the most important part is to be positive all the time and make sure your mood is good.

      It's very had to keep calm, I stayed calm for the last two weeks and it improved massively, but since Monday when I got anxious, it's getting worse. I don't know how to control my anxiety and I'm trying to reassure myself, I could sleep the last two weeks without any tablets or music, by just going into bed with the ringing. It just wouldn't bother, but somehow this anxiety makes things worse, the tone gets higher, you get anxious, then it gets even higher... LOL it's funny....

      I'm trying to teach myself, no matter what happens with the T, you should always stay calm... shhhhh! Difficult to do but

      I have taken some sleeping tabs recently as I can'ytsleep, but I need to come off them as soon as possible... they just make things worse, so I would suggest not taking any tabs at all.

      Any anti-anxiety tips from you guys are more than welcome!
    5. AUTHOR

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      Hey guys!thanks for your replies!
      I went to an ENT, she told me it was probably eustachian tubes inflamation, but she wasn't sure.
      She appointed me to have a head scan, but when hyperacusis started I cancelled,because I feared the sound would damage me,as I can barely stand strong sounds,even tv hurts me after a while. In fact I used to sleep with rain sound on muy cell phone,but now I can't bear it,even if its very low.
      The thumping in my ears its not related to heartbeat,its like a little engine inside the ears.When I plug my ears in a certain way,I can mask a little the high pitched sound, and only hear the thumping. Very strange.
    6. Ruringing

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      loud noise
      Hi There, I'm new to this site. My spouse has been suffering with tinnitus now for about 10+ years. Last few years it has worsened to the point that he is finally willing to take something to help. We have ordered this "Tinniticil" its all natural vitamin ingredients appeal is why it doesn't look like there is a downside and its money back guarantee. Has anyone else tried this I wonder so I joined this talk to see.

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