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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by J. Wing, Jan 28, 2013.

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      Very new here even though have had tinnitus since 1999. Was approved for disability retirement in 2006 due to my tinnitus. Needless to say it's been quite the journey. To cope at first I did it with(the hard stuff) alcohol. Doctors were no help. Didn't know what else to do. Started out taking a couple of stiff drinks hoping I could get some sleep that way but that failed.

      Wife finally took me to the hospital and I blew a .395 alcohol level. So that was my lowest point and have turned to forums such as this for information from people who are fighting the battle. My coping method is "masking". So hello to all and hope we can help each other out. I will have many questions.
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      July 2012
      Welcome to Tinnitus Talk, J.Wing!

      Alcohol is indeed not a solution... According to many people, it actually causes tinnitus to become temporarily louder.

      May I ask, how did you get your tinnitus?
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      Sorry for the late reply. It was not caused by a sudden loud noise rather it just started one day in my right ear as a real "soft" whisper. Stayed that way for about a month then it started to increase. So here it is 13 years later and still a problem. Was very lucky to get my request for disability retirement approved.

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