New Low Pitched Tinnitus Sound from Sitting in Idling Car

Discussion in 'Support' started by Sam Marksmen, Jun 27, 2022.

    1. Sam Marksmen

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      I tried starting my car and sitting in it for under a minute the other day. Then the next day the normal 6 kHz tinnitus spiked and hasn't come down.

      But also now there is a new sound that I thought was real. I kept going outside to see if it was an airplane or party in the distance. It's a low fluctuating hum that's very disturbing.

      Would anyone know the cause of this?
    2. Ben Winders

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      No idea of the cause but I have it too.

      I screwed up my ears with in-ear headphones, both hum and high pitch eeee are a consequence of that mistake.

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