New Member — Ears Started Ringing After I Was Put on Afrin

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Rosalie, Jun 14, 2019.

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      New Member, my ears started ringing 6/2/19. The emergency room put me on Afrin to open my totally closed nasal passage. My ears started to ring the second day.

      Then I was put on Nasacort. The ringing continued. The thought was it was the Afrin still in my system I have stayed on the Nasalcort because it really opened my sinus and believed what they told me. Now I found articles that people had ringing from Nasacort. Not using it anymore.

      Should I be hopeful that this will go away now? Happy to have found this forum.
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      noise injury
      Tinnitus is usually a neurological problem caused by hearing loss, but not everyone with hearing loss has it just like not everyone with a missing limb, tooth or other body part has phantom sensations.

      I have heard stories of where people have had high pitch hearing loss, no tinnitus. They take certain medicines and develop tinnitus permanently or temporarily. But I hope in your case it does fade, Only time will tell.

      Check with a doctor if you think the medicine is ototoxic, even if it is ototoxic ceasing it could recover hearing.
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      noise exposure while doing work on home

      I already had t from noise injury. I used afrin last night and within 10 seconds, the t got lounder. Now on day 2 and it's still louder. ugh.

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