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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by jeff_h, Apr 16, 2015.

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      I'm new to the forum, and my tinnitus started fairly recently, a little over a week ago. I went out one night to a local restaurant and had a few tall beers (I'm a once a month drinker, only on social occasions). The next morning I woke up with a slight hangover, but a very noticeable ringing in the ears. After it persisted for a week, I made an appointment with my doctor, who referred me to an ENT. I had a hearing test done and was diagnosed with slight to moderate presbycusis at high frequencies(natural hearing loss, usually from old age/genetics. I am only 33 but genetics seems likely). They said it was not noise induced, which I agree with, and that tinnitus is usually associated with hearing loss.

      I am fine with the hearing loss, it isn't very noticeable and I don't need a hearing aid. The tinnitus is unbearable though, as I'm sure you all know. My main question is why did the tinnitus come on so suddenly? I am trying cutting out things that may have caused or exacerbated it - nasal sprays, coffee, occasional drinking, recreational drugs. Is there a chance it disappears? Has anyone here had a sudden onset that wasn't noise induced?

      It's been a really tough week, especially after realizing it's something I might have to endure forever. I'm a big reader and I can hardly read a page without getting distracted. Sleep has been equally awful. I appreciate your help, and hope to help in the future. Thanks.
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      Hello @jeff_h welcome to TT :)

      The first thing I did when my T appeared was an inside ears cleaning, made by a doctor. It didn't work for me but probably it will for you. I suggest you to visit more than one doctor anyway, because your tinnitus is very young and, who knows, maybe you're one of those lucky persons who can find a solution. Also keep your ears protected by loud sounds and noises and don't be depressed because it only can worsen your T. :huganimation:
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      Do not forget mentioning to your doctor some possible first-line treatments for very recent tinnitus.
      Such as corticosteroids.
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      not sure
      T can erupt suddenly for many without obvious reason. Mine is from hearing loss in the high frequency. But not all folks with hearing loss have tinnitus. Sudden stress can cause it. Taking some meds can cause it. So it varies.

      When T is new, it usually appears very loud and so we get stressed by it. The body thinks this alien sound is a threat and failing to remove it, the body just reacts to it traumatically. But the truth is that T is just a sound generated by miss firing neurons. Our reaction to this sound is causing a lot of suffering. So best is to keep positive that you will be fine over time. How? By reading up the many success stories (in Knowledge Base) to realize that most people go through the suffering phase at the start, not knowing how to cope and not know what the future lies. Yet many do get better over time,some by doing nothing, some with some strategies. You will learn their insights. So calm down and take one day at a time. Don't project a catastrophic future when you are at the hardest time. Instead stay positive that you will be just fine like others given time. Try get some masking going. Here are some tips and masking sounds from TT:

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