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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Ross, Jun 30, 2015.

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      Hello All...

      I've had Tinnitis for about 15 years and just recently it has gotten a lot worse. I have noticeable hearing loss in my left ear as compared to the right. Never had it tested, I just notice a difference. T is worse on the left side, a lot worse. About a week and a half ago I started taking doctor prescribed Ephedrine and began a very low carb diet in an effort to drop a few pounds. Might be coincidence the the T got worse about the same time I started taking Ephedrine, might not. Either way, I stopped taking them today.

      The hearing loss is from a combination of things over the last 30 years. 4 years in the Air Force working around running jet engines, one or two scuba diving related ear issues, driving race cars with no ear protection and working in noisy industrial environments. I'm seeing a doctor this week who will test my hearing. He is also supposed to be well versed in T.

      So that's my story in a nutshell. Hoping this new level of T is not a permanent thing. Even in a crowded restaurant, the screeching in my left ear is louder than anything else.
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      One loud indoor concert
      Hi Ross and welcome to the forum.:welcomesignanimation:
      How is your T going? Is it settling down at all since you stopped taking the Ephedrine?
      How have you managed your T for the past 15 years? Did it bother you or were you well habituated to it?
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      Nothing has changed since stopping the ephedrine. I've had T for a long time but just learned to live with it. Now it has progressed to the point that it's all I hear. I can be in a crowded restaurant and I hear the T over everything else. When it gets real bad I get hypersensitive to high pitch noises and what feels like a tension headache in the back of my neck. The doc says my ears look good, but feel a squishing and popping when I swallow sometimes. It's really disturbing when this is so debilitating to me yet doctors can't see a thing.
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      It may be only a spike i have seen many people here talking that tinnitus get louder fornsome time and then gets back to normal.

      It may take some time maybe a week or more its always diferent
      Hope this helps

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