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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by wendy, Jul 11, 2012.

    1. wendy

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      I am new. Developed tinnitus about 3 weeks ago and I
      am going totally insane.
      I am the type of person that is noise sensitive, can
      not stand fans, the noise of the refrigerator etc
      so this is especially bad.
      I really need help badly, hoping you can help.
      this is truly tortuous
    2. mock turtle

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      07/26/1992...habituated after 2 years; 11/04/11 new outbreak
      Wendy, im truly sorry. i and many others here know what you are going through...its absolutely bat sh#t crazy

      you may be still within the window of opportunity where a supplement of NAC can help you

      n-acetyl-cysteine is a powerful anti oxidant that has been used by the military to minimize hearing damage after very loud sound exposure like gun fire explosions and jet engines

      do you know how you got hit with tinnitus? some of us are left to wonder just what constellation of events set us up

      sometimes noise had nothing to do with it...some medications are poisonous to the ear, and some of these medications onced stopped, the tinnitus reduces or goes away!

      regardless of the cause, your tinnitus may resolve in time, its too soon to come to a dire conclusion.... some people take several weeks or longer and the tinnitus subsides.

      if not, your brain will adjust to tinnitus in time and it will be much less crazy through a process called habituation, but this will take time.

      have you been to see a doctor? hang in there, we feel your pain

      mock turtle
    3. DezDog

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      Hi Wendy
      In the words of William Shatner "You will get better". Tell us more about yourself, what happened?

      One thing I know is that the anxiety you're feeling right now is part of a vicious cycle that is making it sound worse. It's hard to believe, since the noise is so *real*, but one of the best things you can do right now is give yourself hope that you *will* be OK. Just tell yourself "I'll be OK", get someone you love to assure you "You're going to be OK".

      There are many people out there who have their noise still but just don't *care* about it any more. As Mr Turtle says, you will become habituated. It's not "coming to terms" with it either. You forget it's there; you don't care.

      My own strategy was to convince myself that I could forget about it for small stretches of time - if I can forget for a minute, 5 minutes, 30 minutes then I know I can spend the day not thinking about it. This involved playing guitar, working (I write computer programs, which is mentally absorbing). Watching TV and reading didn't quite work for me. Meeting friends socially did; there's enough background noise to enable full distraction as you get involved in conversation. Those first few evenings where I forgot (albeit briefly) were key.

      Once you get those small moments of distraction, you build your confidence up in recovery, the anxiety decreases, and you have started killing the vicious cycle. Stomp that sucker flat!

      I hope this helps

      All best to you
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    4. mock turtle

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      07/26/1992...habituated after 2 years; 11/04/11 new outbreak nailed it...5 minutes..ten minutes an hour....keeping ourselves busy and pre- occupied
    5. DezDog

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      mock turtle - thank you, people will get sick of me keep saying it here, but it worked for me..

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