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      Hello everyone.

      I can't believe I'm posting here. Wow. I've had tinnitus in my right ear since I was a kid, my right ear is completely deaf along with the ringing. It was something I've totally adapted and it hadn't ever bothered me. In fact, I never even bothered to look up what this thing was called because I was very comfortable with it.

      Recently, however, due to my own stupidity, I was blasting my remaining good ear with loud music (the guitar solo in Hotel California is brutal. Never listen to that full blast on ear phones) and I ended up the past two days with Tinnitus on my left ear. I was scared out of my mind that I would go deaf in both ears and to be honest maybe that possibility still exists. That's when I started going online and found you all.

      The good news is, after two days I have either learned to adapt to my new tinnitus or somehow temporarily gotten rid of it (it's silence now, I think...). I expect it will come back. I'll let you guys know. But for all those who have gotten it for the first time (this is my second time), as someone who has it for the last 30+ years in my right ear, I can confidentially tell you that you will live a very, very normal life. Once you adapt to it, you won't care too much about a cure, and, like me, if you have one ear that's completely deaf with tinnitus, it's actually...preferable. To be able to block out noise or not listen to annoying people (I'm serious) is a very good thing. If someone right now asks if I wanted my deaf right ear cured, I might actually decline.

      So I brought you guys two good news:
      1.) The bad ear I had with tinnitus for 30+ years was adaptable and I've grown to forget it's there. And when I do, I've found out I kind of liked it. Once you've had it for that long, the ringing is sort of your friend.

      2.) The good ear I have that recently had new tinnitus for the past 2 days has come and gone, come and gone. I think if you catch it early and stay away from stress, get a habit of going to massages or reflexology, you might dim it or lose it. If you have to spend money, it's probably better to spend it on reflexology than a doctor.

      Just my two cents. Anyone who wants to talk to me, please message me. I will understand your pain.
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