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      Hi folks,
      I have been suffering from tinnitus for over 10 years now. It appears to be that my left ear is the problem ear. I have always been a side sleeper, sleeping on my right side. I just recently been sleeping on my left side I have noticed times that the ringing goes from a 8 level to a 2 or 3 level which is remarkable and a blessing. The level stays low for a few days then raises to an annoying level again. So I again force myself to sleep left sided again and after a couple of days the ringing level lowers again. Any thoughts and have you heard of this before. I am thankful that I have found this forum and that I finally found friends that Can relate to each other. I would appreciate your input and advise. Thank you
    2. I had that idea as well. So me and the wife changed sides, sadly it did not work for me. I have even thought of sleeping standing up as well, as mine is silent before I go to sleep, but when I wake up there it is again. Thankfully much lower ATM :)

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