New Sensation... Coming from the Head (not Ear)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mpt, Apr 23, 2014.

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      I've had a buzz... It sounds like a buzz saw cutting a piece of metal, since yesterday... But the weird thing is it feels like its coming from my head about two inches above my ear, its part feeling part sound, it's definitely not coming from the ear in the same way the sound in my other ear is... it fires off about once every 10 seconds... has anyone experienced anything like this before
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      Noise exposure
      Yup but in the back of my head and its like always there although mines an electrical sound.
    3. MattK

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      Yes... my tinnitus sounds more like a high pitched noise that comes from my head, not my ears. It's sort of hard to describe... almost like what I would think of as the sound of fine tuning an old tv.
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    4. citigirl13

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      Sometimes my ears feel like they are vibrating, but nothing like that - not that I have noticed. But I hear rumbling when I block my ears so I think I had that TT syndrome which will hopefully go away. I don't think it is anything to worry about. Give it a day or so. If it keeps going every 10 seconds after a day maybe go back to the doctor?
    5. Mark Griffin

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      I've experienced this vibrating twice, it's like my whole brain vibrates along side a resonance of sound. Once I woke up with a pulsation and another I was already awake. Doctor said it's more than likely T mixed with anxiety.
    6. Eric Gabrielsen

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      I had the exact same thing only above the left side of my forehead. It sounded like a Dremel tool, it was awful but it did go away. Mine migrates and is now a slight vibration and sound in my ears, some times it alternates, sometimes both.

      The good news is that was the height of my T and now I'm down to "swishes" in either or both ears. I'm so sorry for you, Mpt. I feel for you. My Neurologist said it was from TBI from my surgery (craniotomy). I'm back at work FT now, it does get better, it will just shift.

      What helped me: acupuncture, craniosacral massage, mediation, amitryptlin (sic), klonopin - in order of effectiveness
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      tinnitus can be heard/felt in the head, usually in the audio cortex.

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