New Sound in My "Good Ear"

Discussion in 'Support' started by MrNobody, Aug 27, 2016.

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      This past few days my 'good ear' has started to make a low pitched humming sound on and off mostly when I am tired. It is getting louder and lasting longer.

      It started last night again and I expected it to be gone when i woke (I did actually get a few hours sleep for a change) but no, it is still humming. I find this extremely worrying. It is pretty loud and a sound I hate.

      I think i may have set it off because a couple days ago I got extremely angry about T again and was really grinding my teeth and jaws super hard (stupidly)

      What does this low humming mean if anything? Any ideas?

      I have been diagnosed with TMJ, my jaws hurt and my ears itch a lot lately but Dr says no infection.

      I appreciate any help
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      I have this humming too. Over a month now. I've read it is probably a venous hum. This happens when a vein resonates against the mastoid bone. I've got a bit used to it although if I get anxious and my heart beats more rapidly the hum can start to pulsate in time with the heartbeat. This is very annoying and can prevent sleep. Sometimes a bit of cotton wool in the ear can dampen the hum. Worth a try.
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      May not be the same what you have but I've had drone/engine noise for 5 years now, started with cold.
      Hissing for me started few years ago as a new sound in my "until then" healthy ear, thanks to Zoloft!
      T must have been created in hell!
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      Loud music/gigs probably
      Whats the most bearable sound?

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