New Stem Cell Transplantation Method Restores Damaged Auditory Pathways

Discussion in 'Research News' started by Penate, Oct 21, 2015.

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      You get constant vertigo on top of that. But i'm not sure if H is often present in Meniere
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      Cured?? explain more!!!
      didnt you had orthokine?
      i think my tinnitus comes from an endolymphatic nature.
      thats what my doctor told me, im not sure anymore.
      but food as a big impact on my t.
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      Dont know? Maybe loud headphones over ear? Not sure
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      Acoustic Trauma
      This question is being asked repeatedly over the past few weeks. We still don't know and no one can give you any certainties or even deny it. All I know is that things look promising and there are good signs that there's progress being made.
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      Acoustic trauma from headphones
      Live with it, and if you come across a way of treating it, consider that a bonus. There will be multiple breakthroughs before the condition is dealt with entirely. I won't be surprised if doctors devise better ways of preventing hearing damage and tinnitus along with coming up with long term solutions to the condition... because it's not feasible to prevent it for everyone. There's going to be a number of medical groups with their own strategies. Some medical groups will offer full inner-ear restoration eventually. The cause of tinnitus can be so different. Some people may have hearing damage + tinnitus, but the tinnitus could be reduced with a diet change, that they aren't even aware is possible. For others, they may have taken a drug that damaged the ear, and some medical group will have a solution for that kind of damage. Some of us could have it from random luck and not know how it happened, and yet have markers that indicate what it is, which would let a doctor identify a solution. Assuming society doesn't just turn up and explode, this is the future we have to look forward to.

      So don't bother putting a timeframe on science claiming tinnitus is a solved problem. That will literally never happen. When it is a solved problem, it will be such an insignificant deal no one will even rejoice because society will be beyond it as an issue. Just keep up with the research. If you want to try some things to fix it, assuming you're in a free country, go ahead.
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