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Discussion in 'Support' started by Tee, Jan 31, 2013.

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    1. Tee

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      Hi all,
      I've had tinnitus for 2.5 weeks now. Watched a movie way too loud while working out in the basement and the ringing hasn't gone away since (was equal in both ears). Had a rough first week with lots of headaches, but then started reading about CBT and TRT and started to feel more in control b/c of the options, and it became more manageable. Went to my doc 2 days ago and she prescribed Serc...and I actually noticed a decrease in the ringing yesterday and was feeling really good. Then I had a dentist appt late yesterday aft and didn't even think about the effects of the sonic cleaner...and then when I got home a pot slipped in the sink and it sounded like a gunshot. I actually felt it in my right ear. T now seems 10x worse, and is more pronounced in my right ear now. Had a terrible night last night. I'm normally a very good sleeper but couldn't sleep at all. Was even looking up crisis hotlines last night, I felt that desperate (didn't call tho).
      Couldn't tell my husband this morning how bad I was feeling last night...he wouldn't understand.
      Just looking for some positive thoughts, I know you guys know what it is like.
      BTW I am signed up for a cognitive behavioural therapy workshop in a few hoping it will help.
      Also have an appt in a month for the initial appt for TRT.
      Going to try craniosacral therapy too...
    2. Eric N

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      I would suggest you go to an ENT and get your hearing tested and rule out any infections or other issues.
    3. Louise

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      29/06/2012 Severe worsening Jan 2017
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      Noise exposure
      What about steroid injections and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy? From all my research they are the only two things that have success if done immediately after the onset.
    4. Clive

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      North East UK
      Where are you may be I can help.
    5. Tee

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      Hi all,
      Thanks for the replies. A month in now, it's still super hard, but am encouraged by most people saying that the first few months are the worst. Looking forward to a 2 day tinnitus workshop next weekend, focusing on cognitive behavioural therapy.
      Clive, I'm in Canada.

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