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      Hi guys,
      Absolutely hate to be having to ask this question, anyway, 2 days ago I was dropping glass bottles into a bin (I work in a bar) around 4 or 5 times, and they make quite a loud noise. Now, since the morning after this event, I've had this very slight ringing in my ears, and also a more noticeable 'radio transmitter' type sound, almost like a humming which as I say is a lot more noticeable (I can hear it over the TV).

      My anxiety levels are sky high, I struggle sleeping, white noise from the fan kind of helps a little but not completely, my left ear feels quite full, I have a sore throat, and my neck seems to be hurting a lot. I also get these pains in my jaw quite often when I eat. (I need to see my dentist about this)

      I suppose I'm really anxious because it has been two days, I've had ringing in my ears until the next day when going out, but it has never had a tone like what I describe now.

      I just need some advice on whether this tinnitus will last, and what to do about it if it is permanent, if I need to contact a support group etc.

      Thank you very much guys,
      I appreciate all that you do.
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      Hi CJW1234

      Sorry to hear about the tinnitus. You most likely need to see a doctor to get a diagnosis. You describe everything from possible hearing loss tinnitus to possible TMJ-based tinnitus or even a sinus/ear infection. So you really should go see a doctor because they might be able to treat an underlying problem if it's infection based or even TMJ. (Which is actually good news in the long run usually.)

      Support groups are fine if you have something local, but like I said, get thee to a doctor first and foremost. And of course surf this site because there's a lot of info and support here.

      As for the anxiety -- we all have gone through it and/or are going through it now. It generally accompanies tinnitus for some reason. And yes, it's horrible. But in time it can usually be conquered to some degree. Read the support forum if you need inspiration to know that things can, and often do, get better in time.

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