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      Hi all. I've suffered pretty much my whole life with ear issues starting when I was very young, I'm now 42. I had tubes in both ears when I was 10 but later in life suffered from ear infections constantly. At one point I had 14 double ear infections in a 12 month period. They subsided for a while after I quit smoking but in the last three years I started having issues again. I now have tubes in both ears again and recently had my tonsils and adenoids removed. Unfortunately I now have some pretty significant hearing loss in my right ear along with tinnitus which is driving me nuts!! I can't sleep at night without some type of noise in my room or the ringing just wont let me sleep. I recently started taking lipoflavenoid to see if it will help any - does anyone have any thoughts/experience with this?
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      Sorry about your struggle with your ears and now tinnitus. Most of us have gone through the struggle with tinnitus or still going through. So we know and understand your suffering. You may want to use masking to help you such as using a sound machine at bed time. For masking on the move, try smart phone with music or APPs for sound generation. Ipod is also convenient to carry along. That is what I have used for masking on the go. If you have PC, you can try download a free sound generator 'aire freshener' or try the masking sounds on this TT thread. Take care and God bless.
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      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.
      Welcome kathy,

      Yes, you're not along as you can see. Many here suffer, but many have useful and happy lives also. I hope you find the latter!

      I have taken lipoflavenoid and quite frankly, don't waste your money. Just get some B-complex, Methyl B12, fish oil, calcium, magnesium oil, zinc, NAC and try Vinpocetine. All of these will probably cost less than Lipoflavenoid.I've tried Ginkgo, but it didn't do much for me either. I also take Chinese herbs, which help. They were suggested by my acupuncturist. Of course, stay off caffiene, sodium, sugar and alcohol.

      I use a "nature sound" masker in my bedroom at night and find "rain" the best noise for me. As Billie48 suggested, use noise masking during the day when things get tough. YouTube, has hours of T masking noises also.

      My prayers are with you!


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