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      Hi. I woke up on 5/3/2015 with ringing in my right ear that varies between a high pitch and hissing. After it didn't go away I went to see an ENT the next day and had my ears cleaned out and it magically went away (I have connections to ENT's because my wife is an Audiologist). It was gone for the rest of the day and then on Tuesday morning it was back. My wife said it would go away, but it didn't. I went to see another ENT at her office the next Monday. I have a very mild hearing loss which is the same in both ears and did not have any fluid behind my ears. So his answer was basically just live with it. I don't have any of the other symptoms of things that might be problematic given the ringing is only in one ear (acoustic neuroma, meniere's disease). Some of my friends think it could be driven by stress. The ENT thought it would fade significantly or go away within a few months, but I don't know. I'm extremely worried it will never go away and I'll have to live with this. I'm worried about functioning at work as I have a high level job that requires me to be completely focused on work relationships, communications and problem solving. This is dominating my thoughts and I've a hard time distracting myself from constantly hearing it and recently started having panic attacks again. I realize that I've only had this for 12 days but these have been the longest 12 days I've ever experienced. I'm 51 years old. Benadryl seems to help with the intensity but it makes me tired so not a great option at work. I can sleep if I take Ambian or a Benadryl but only for 3-4 hours and so I have to take another one in the middle of the night.

      Just needing to find anyone who has had a similar onset. Because I have equal hearing in both ears the doctors think it will fade or go away but I really don't know. Has anyone else had stress related Tinnitus? Did it eventually go away? I have been under a tremendous amout of stress the last several months both mentally and physically (torn muscle in my shoulder). I know I'm supposed to work on coping and ignoring the sound but I haven't been able to find a sustainable approach to do that. I'm getting very depressed. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.
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      Hi @cavsfan (and congrats to your Cavs for moving on--I've enjoyed watching them this year as a Wolves fan still interested in Kevin Love's career):

      First off, you are in the right place here. Many many people here have had similar onsets and gone on to continue their lives completely normally (myself included.) Your ENT and wife are very correct in saying it could go away and you are so early in it that it is still possible. For me mine felt very intense when it started and put me in a spiral of anxiety and depression, but seven months later mine has faded both in volume and in how much it bothers me. Now it doesn't bother me really at all. Stress can make it worse so try to manage your stress the best you can. A professional therapist who can administer CBT is the best option for this, in my opinion (and has the backing of the Cochorane Collaboration as being effective for tinnitus management.)

      I also recommend our own resource called "Don't Panic":

      Best of luck to you and take care of yourself.
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      Noisey Lifestyle. Increase from infection.
      If your T cause is anxiety because I will just shoot in dark - something is going on with your muscles and they are ultra tense due to stress (like neck, jaw or somewhere else that can affect T) - last thing you can do to yourself is to stress more. If T was noise induced it would be totally okay to get panic attacks, but right now when you need to take off and relax - its worst you do to yourself. Take a step back, get maybe some shrink help and chill pills that wont make your T spike.

      I really hope you will get better with time. I think this is very good news that T appeared and went off completely for a couple of hours. You probably was thinking a lot about T when it went silent and it could have triggered it back?
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      Thank you both for the quick replies. I am definitely caught "in the loop". My GP prescribed some clonzapan that I have been trying not to take. At times it is so loud that I can't think straight. When I'm more relaxed it is definitely lower in intensity. I'm losing the battle so far but I am a fighter. What have been the most effective coping strategies that worked for you? What was the turning point where you began to be able to accept and manage this condition?

      I'm so glad there are people like both of you offering support.
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      Good luck from a fellow traveler
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      Loss of hearing and then stress and anxiety
      Its hard at first. It will either go away or you will get used to it. You probably dont believe that now, but you will eventually. Mine was brought about by stress also, but I have hearing loss and it didnt go away. Since you only have a mild loss there is a chance it will go away. Read the posts. Stress and anxiety make it worst. Fear makes it worst. Depression makes it worst. The more you worry, the louder it gets. If it gets too loud take the clonzapam. It will help, but dont get addicted to it. If you get a chance read some of my posts in the clonazapam section where I told my story.
      6 months later if you still have it like me, it wont bother you any more. The less you think about it the quieter it gets. The quieter it gets the less you notice it. Some days I can tune it out completely, others I cant. As time goes on it gets better and better even if you still have it. I have learned to not react to it anymore and it really helps. Dont give in to the it will never get better scenarios because its just not true. Even if it doesnt get better you will get better. I have found concentrating on work really helps quiet it down as well. You have to resume your life as it was before and you will get better.
      I had the panic attacks too. I took the clonzapam for the panic attacks and it helped. I had panic attacks for 4 months before I learned not to give in to this. The quicker you start on this journey to getting better, the quicker you will get better. Whatever you do, dont get caught up in the downward spiral. Its easy to do that and it will only make you worst. You also need to start getting a good nights sleep. Lack of sleep also keeps you from getting better.

      Going back to the downward spiral. If you keep reacting to the tinnitus, you will end up with hyperacusis on top of the tinnitus. The hyperacusis will further amplify the tinnitus. If you think its loud now, wait till you have both. Thats the point I started taking the clonzapam. I dont want to scare you, I want to help you get better so you dont take the same road I took. I know now how to beat this and now you know too. I now also know how to make it worst and I just wont let myself fall into the same trap again. Start thinking you will get better and you will. That is the first step. Try yoga, meditating, exercising, get back into your hobbies, go out and do stuff, change your mindset to one of anger not fear, deep breathing, relaxation techniques, ignore the tinnitus, think of it as your friend, listen to sounds that will drown out the tinnitus, stay away from stress, stay away from situations that will excite you, try to not show emotions. The more you can get it out of your mind, you will start the upward spiral to getting better. Dont sit at home and listen to it. It wont get better like that. This is about as much as I can come up with right now. It will all help. Keep fighting, physically and mentally and you will win.
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      Noise Trauma
      Hi,in a nutshell acceptance is needed.Your T is very new to you,and your reaction is normal,but it can quickly improve,and it will.If it goes or stays becomes less of an issue over time.Give it time,take meds,but try to limit to the short term.good luck,and let us know your progress.

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