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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Sarah Peters, Jun 16, 2015.

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      Hi, I've been suffering from T for at least 4 months, although, thinking back, I believe I had it at a very low level for quite some time beforehand.

      My doctor is very sympathetic but at a loss to know what to suggest. I've already had an indepth hearing test which revealed - my ears and hearing are absolutely fine! I've now been referred to the ENT Hospital in London and will have my first appointment next week.

      In the meantime, I have been obsessively reading not just this site but as many others as possible - trying to avoid the charlatans and quacks.

      I did get my doctor to prescribed Clonozepam (Klonopin) - she was extremely reluctant to do so but gave me 14 days to start. IT WORKED! It definitely reduced the T to a level I could have lived with however it also made me into a zombie which I could not live with. So I had to stop taking it.

      I definitely need antidepressants as my mood is at rock bottom and I am in a vicious cycle with the T bringing me down, but my doctor wants to see which medication the consultant recommends. In the meantime, I rely on zopiclone to get a good night sleep and have white noise playing day and night. My relationship with my partner is very badly affected as by the time he gets home in the evening I am at the end of my tether and find it hard to cope with life.

      The T has got so bad that it is actually very painful - it is particularly high frequency and very loud and I almost feel as though my ear is going to explode.

      Anyway, just wanted to say 'Hi' to all the fellow sufferers out there and thank you for the advice and support you give.

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      One loud indoor concert
      Hi Sarah and Welcome

      I am only in my 2nd month with T and am just trying to find my way like you. Mine is also very high frequency and hard to mask. I am sleeping ok again now. I use just 15mg mirtazapine and also melatonin 3mg. I was using masking at night but found it irritating as I have always loved silence and the meds seem to work well. I just use a little quiet masking mp3 with rain if I wake up early in the morning and want to sleep in. I understand what you mean about being at the end of your tether. It is tough on our partners as well. I also worry about wearing my poor husband out with my emotional turmoil. I am also taking a very small dose of diazepam 1/2 tab during the day if my anxiety gets too much. You are not alone in what you are going through. Everyone new to this seems to go through the same anxiety and struggle initially. If you are reading obsessively- make sure its only the Success Stories!
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      not sure
      Welcome to TT, Sara. You have my empathy as most of us have been where you are. We understand the tough struggle when T is new or relatively, the mad ringing, the stress, the ups and downs, the fear for the uncertain future, depression, sleeplessness etc. etc. What you are going through is quite normal for new sufferers. So don't stress out. You are not alone.

      A few years back I went through 'hell' with my ultra high pitch T which was soon followed by severe hyperacusis which turned all normal sounds glassy and piercingly hurtful to the ears. It was a super tough time but I manage to survive and overcome T & H. Like many others, I wrote my success story and mention some important points and strategies. For brevity, if you are interested to read how I turned around my life, here is the link:

      I am not alone in getting better over time. Read as many success stories as you can and you will be comforted that people do get better over time. TIME is a very important factor of success and if you couple it with some strategies which work for you, the recovery to habituation will even be faster. So be patient and be informed about T as much as possible by reading up on people's experiences and insights. Don't panic and don't despair. Good life can still be back. Believe it and have hope in a bright future ahead. Take good care & God bless you recovery.

      If you need some masking, here is a good TT thread with many masking sounds and it also comes with great advice and tips for new sufferers.
    4. Richard zurowski

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      Ear infection.
      Hi Sarah we share all the same symptoms the anxiety depression sleepless nights feeling that your life is over if you have to listen to this noise for the rest of your life it does get easier as your brain adapts to the tinnitus all I can say is stay focused it took me about six months to come to terms with my tinnitus the main thing is to treat the depression get your mind right then you can deal with the tinnitus wish you all the very best.
    5. James Brown

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      Noise exposition
      Hi Sarah. When you say your T is high, you can mask it with the sound of the shower or water running or you can hear it above all? Do you have tried any masking device? I know a lot of coping depends how high is the noise we listen too,but a high noise for you can be regular to other.

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