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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Wilhelm, Feb 10, 2016.

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      Hi, everyone. I am Will and I am over 20. I have just noticed my T last week and it freaks me out even to this day. I think my headphones caused the T. I always play video games and listening to music with it, usually at not so loud volumes.

      It was okay until last week. I started hearing constant low-pitched 'chirp' sounds in my head. At first, it was at night just when I try to sleep. I get a little frustrated but I fall asleep eventually. But a few days later, I also started hearing at the day. It is really scary. I tried searching about it on the internet and I found a lot of articles. What scares me most is that T is mostly incurable. I am still at my 20s and I can't imagine living with it my entire life. :cry:

      I've reached to an ENT and he just gave me some medicine which seems to have something with blood regulation and neural boosting. He expects me to visit him again next week. I hope the medicine helps.
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      Welcome to the forum. Most members here have been where you are. You are not alone. We understand your feeling there. The initial suffering of T is often tough because at this stage we often fall prey to distorted thoughts, such as projecting into the future based on our worst state of suffering from T. Saying that, try not to buy in what the anxious mind is suggesting to you at this tough stage of T suffering. Don't project the doom and gloom of a future based on the worst time of T suffering. I made that mistake myself and paid dearly with immense mental sufferings.

      The truth of the matter is that the future is never as projected. I am now living a normal and absolutely enjoyable life. All the sufferings from worrying about the future didn’t change a thing but prolong the suffering. If I have any comforting words for you, it is that people do survive T & H, anxiety and panic attacks and all, and write their success stories after some time. Just read up as many success stories to learn insights how to win over T. You need to give yourself time and learn some strategies to guide your T journey. Explore the success stories to give yourself hope for the future. That was what I did, reading as many stories as I could to give myself hope. I eventually got better myself and wrote my own success story. I list some very helpful points and strategies which have helped me turnaround. For brevity, if you want to know them, I provide the link to the story:

      You can get better like everybody else and have your good life back. Believe it. If you haven’t yet, get masking going asap to help reduce the anxiety of T. Once the brain feel that you have some sense of control over T, it will be less anxious and stressed, and that will help calm the ringing for most people. If you need more instructions on masking, let us know. Take care & God bless
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