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Discussion in 'Support' started by Corvus, Jul 26, 2016.

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      Hello i am 30 years old and i have just been over my first visit to the doctor about this low buzz in my left ear. The sound is like the sound of a faar away bus or car or maybe electrical transformer. It is gotten steadier from pulsing irregularily to a more steady humm. I have started noticing it about 6 months ago.
      But its not the first time i had this. The very first time it was over 6 years ago for about 2 months interchangeably in both ears then it dissapeared and returned now after a long time... this time only in the left ear.

      The buzzing is medium to quiet, steady and only in left ear, noticeable in the early mornings and when i lie down to bed. During the day even sometimes even if i want to verify if its there i can hear it. I also have a chronic skin condition seborrhoeic dermatosis that makes skin dry out itch and degenerate over the hair line arround the eyes and... maybe ear canal? Because one of my symptoms is eachy front of the ear canal. The ear canal cartilage also gets painfull to the touch and moving arround about once a month for 2-3 days and my eyelids swell for about 2-3 days with simmilar frequency and are painfull to touch and motion only . Never both, most often just 1 rarely one after another. It seemed more frequent when it first happened about a year ago.

      My visit with the doc was a bit weird. He initialy without even testing anything told me its not curable, didnt even get down to talking about the ear painfulness... Shouldnt he have listened for noise of a blood vessel or something like that first? I was told it might be a tumor on the nerve and the first thing he wanted to do is put me in hosspital for 3 days, basicaly making a hosspital do all the testing i presume? Next he asked me about dizziness which i dont have at all i told him... he said he would have to lie a bit in telling them that i did so theyl take me in but since i dont have a medical right now we settled that for next month.

      I told him my ear eaches more than usual and the ear wax is always flakey. It seems the ear pain ocurring as written above he didnt adress at all. Not sure if he registered me telling that symptom.

      Should i be getting a second opinion?

      He put me on 3 months curation with
      betaserc to increase my inner ear blood circulation?
      Sulfanicol, and clatra drops to snort to clear out my airways.

      When i asked him about some sound impulse therapy ( wondering if it may be sound coming from unwanted harminisation of impulses in the hearing brain part which i seen is treated with asynchronous sound stimulation to make them learn to not sychnronise again when theres no sounds) he thaught i was talking about masking sounds and then told me that some people tried the noose therapy because of tinittus. I also have a clicking in my temporal mandibular joint on the right and in the past a worse clicking on the LEFT ( its also the side with the tinitus and pain full cartilage and itchier ear canal) after having dentistry done... he didnt ask about that tho and i was to nervous to remember to ask him about it.

      Kind of not sure about his whole visit. He seemed down to earth but im not sure i was given propper attention to my symptoms. seemed like he was listening to the routine in his head more than to my observations... When i told him agian that the very first time i heard this was about 6 years ago and then 6 years nothing he said that then its very unlikely its a tumor on my nerve but the plan to get me into the hosspital didnt change ( i hate hosspitals)

      Or am i just a smartass and he heard me and neglected symptoms that might be anything?

      Anyway, hi, im Greg, im confused and worried...
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      Meniere's Disease
      A warm welcome to Tinnitus Talk.
      Might be worth seeing a dentist and get checked out for TMJ too.
      Could be down to your skin condition and causing problems in your middle ears .
      MRI tests are done as routine to check for problems but most are fine.
      Keep posting for support....lots of love glynis
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      Whiplash or Buzzer (abuse from ex)
      Why in the world would they put you in the hospital for 3 days? I never heard such a thing.
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      Well, he told me, to get them to test me for that tumor on nerves on the left side. Im guessing he just wanted the country to do the testing for free for me, they propably dont have a machine at a private practice. I thaught some tinitus is hearable but he didnt check for that.

      Yesturday was awfull, i had a feeling its gotten worse instantly after i was told i have it. I want to brake down and cry or just stop caring about it but i cant go either way so im on the verge of a brakedown. I guess since i can controll it im not THAT panicked.

      You know the pink noise thing? well i thaught i had low tone buzzing only when i want to sleep or it was very quiet. Now i think i migh have 7000-8000hz pink noise too. I thaught its just the ringing you get when you focus on silence too much, the one from the saying "so quiet you can hear your ears ring" So i didnt focus on it and i didnt notice it for days. Now i cant stop focusing on it...

      Theres definitely more than just somatic symptoms, my ear canal itches, and the ear gets painful to the touch for about 3 days... (happens every month or so but when it doesnt happen after a month it may stop for a 2-3) after 3 days it cures itself altho now its day 5 of that and i can still feel a little discomfort when i touch my ear on the lower point of entrance to my ear canal. Its getting better tho i can sleep on it no problem.

      I also noticed the left eye swelling returned on day3 of the ear painfulness in a very mild form but i know hte feeling and its was definitely there for about 1 day ( usualy also lasts 3 and theres visible swelling)

      I went to a dentist privately and asked could this be checked out, xrayed maybe?... and he told me i would have to come when the inflamation ocurrs ( my tmj starts to click in position as if there was something pushing it out of its normal position). normaly when i open my jaw to max i hear a faint click in the RIGHT joint but not in the left. The right joint click seems to be harmless and i stretch the jaw for a bit every day. It helped with allignment before but i noticed it can directly increase the pain in ear when thats ocurring. About 6 years ago i had a tooth removed from upper LEFT side, the last one. i know my jaw has been missaligning a bit... it happened prior to the return of the buzz.

      I listened to
      Tinnitus Sound Therapy | Tinnitus Treatment...
      for about 20 minutes but it made buzzing come back. after i turned it off where there was none before i started.

      What do You think about stuff like this?
      Stop telling people there is no cure for tinnitus!

      He seems to say its "curable" which i presume might mean "managable" to the point you push it back so much dont hear it anymore. But hes selling something, a book, and online hangout... Amazon reviews are positive but there are fev of them and first sounds suspiciously fake.

      I have the seborrhoeic dermatosis and i manage that to the point that i dont feel like i have an illness, i take steroid drops for that. Now just about a drop or two a month... or a drop a week depending on if its starting to itch more often or not. Generaly the symptoms have been getting weaker to the point that i dont use any more of it on my forehead hairline...

      I was hoping i could do thesame with the buzzing ( and the ringing?) Im trying to stay positive as i see direct worsening after the visit to the doctor.

      My spouse tells me to get a second opinion, " if you get worse after you visit the doctor you know what you do with such a doctor...?" she asks rhetorically. Yesturday it was hard for her as i had told her what was going on and she had to first time for real acknowledge i hear something that isnt there. Usualy it was oh you are fine, its jsut a car or the pipes or a speaker left on by the neiughbours.

      I dont know what to do, to acknowledge the issue pottentialy makes it worse, to not acknowledge it stresses me too because i feel like im talking like an insane person. Its a loose loose scenario....

      I must admitt since morning im in a much better mood and that results in me sometimes being able to not focus on any suspicious sounds.

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