New to Tinnitus... Is This Temporary?

Discussion in 'Support' started by chelsea.j99, Nov 24, 2014.

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      Hi there!
      I'm a 21 year old female who has been experiencing ringing/hissing in my ears for the past week.

      Two weeks ago, I was having vertigo (becoming dizzy when I moved my head rapidly/when I was lying down). One week ago, I contracted a cold/flu that took me off of my feet for a few days; however, I wasn't quite stuffy in my nose, but did have a sore throat. I have a bit of left over congestion in my throat and nose. I recovered from the cold/flu fully last weekend, and started noticing the ringing/hissing on Monday evening.

      I visited urgent care and was told that- as I suspected- there might be something going on in my inner ear that may be worked out in the next weeks on it's own. However, the tinnitus is quite distracting and is all that I can focus on when I'm in a quiet room. I am very afraid that this ringing/hissing will be chronic.

      Of course, I do have OCD, too. I went off of Prozac 2 months ago and have been doing a good job in managing my anxiety. BUT, even though I've done a lot of work on managing my anxiety and obsessing thinking, I'm still really scared that (1) I have chronic tinnitus and (2) tinnitus will worsen and ruin silence for the rest of my life.

      Regarding the OCD, I have considered that when I first noticed the ringing/hissing, I was just being hyperaware of my body and continually focusing on ringing/hissing that has always been there (since I was young). Isn't it normal to have some ringing/hissing/staticky sounds in your ears? Plus, the tinnitus is only distracting when I focus on it- not so much when I'm occupied/sufficiently distracted.

      I'm really in need of a second opinion! Also, when ought I visit an ENT if this continues?
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      Unknown (medication, head injury)

      Tinnitus which persists beyond 48 hours is a cause for concern. Perhaps it is the cold/flu you had; perhaps it is the withdrawal from medication. But whatever the cause, you need an evaluation.

      Under certain circumstances a course of steroids can be effective. But the timeframe for effective treatment post-onset, and depending on the etiology, is normally 48 hours.
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      Ear Infection
      Listen to @attheedgeofscience, go see an ENT tomorrow and get a round of steroids. You're early onset, but an evaluation is needed ASAP...I'd try to find an ENT that is known to be sympathetic to tinnitus sufferers too, JMO.
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      Medication or infection (I Reckon)

      Wow! Your situation almost completely mirrors my one!

      Get everything checked out to be safe.

      My doctor keeps telling me it is withdrawal from the Prozac and it is a common side effect, I hope this is what it is in your case. :)
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      Hi Chelsea, you might need a hearing test as well and an MRI just to dismiss a tumour (apparently this is very rare but important to check just in case).
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      Hi Hun I'm
      Same as you doc says etd , I'm on to second week of t and driving me crazy , I'm spending money on all diff vitamins and trying every method in hope of healing , I pray to god for his healing as well , currently on antibiotics and nasel spray

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