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      Hello =)

      It all started with a low high pitched ring in my right ear that lasted for about 3-5 seconds. Didn't really think much of it until I noticed around new years that I had a mild ringing in the same ear that didn't go away. It's very mild and I only notice it when i'm in a quiet environment or when I plug my ear with a finger. Can't recall what has caused this, I do use headphones when gaming but at a moderate level, have stopped using them for now. Its been two weeks now and it hasn't seemed to have gone away. Around the first week I went to a local clinic complaining about the noise and the doctor simply told me that he has it as well (cool, your in your 40s im only 19 WTF) One night I called my mother in fear because I couldn't sleep due to the annoyance, the next day she took me to the er where I was diagnosed with serous otitis media and was prescribed a nasal spray to relieve it. I've been using the spray for about 6 days now with no improvement. I now find myself sleeping over at a friends house for comfort. Next week I go back to college where i'll find myself in much quitter environments trying to study, im extremely worried. I pray that it will soon go away but have lost hope since it's been going on for 2 weeks now. The dr did refer me to an ENT but I will have to wait until March. Any help would be appreciated =)
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      July 14, 2014
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      Assault/Contusion/Ear Infection
      If your T is less than 3 months. You are eligible for am 101 trial injections, meds. Research it and sign up.
      Nac pills might help.
      Good luck.
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      not sure
      Welcome Julio. Well, at least by your own words your tinnitus is mild. Your reaction is causing the panic. Perhaps if the ringing bothers you, try mask the sound especially during sleep time. You can buy a sound machine from dept store, like those from Sharper Image or Homedics. If you have a PC, then download for free a sound generator 'aire freshener' or access youtube and search tinnitus masking. There are lots of video of nature sounds and white/pink noises for masking. If you need mobile masking, then consider an ipod/mp3 or a smart phone with APPS to generate sounds. Also perhaps get your doctor to prescribe steroids for really new T, or if you are still very anxious and sleeplessness, ask your doctor if you need some meds. If you read the success stories, you will find many people who have more severe T get better over time. So don't worry if your T is mild. Your reaction is causing the suffering. Try read up Dr. Nagler's letter to a tinnitus sufferer. He is a member here too and you can perhaps ask some question at the Doctor's Corner.
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      Update on my T. Went back to my local hospital to get another look at my ear, the doc said my right eardrum looked slightly dull (light not shining back) meaning that there may be some fluid behind my ear thus causing tinnitus and fullness. This is actually the 2nd doctor that has pointed out the dull eardrum. Also, i've apparently been using the nasal spray wrong, not spraying towards the eustachian tube, i've been spraying up my nose causing it to leak down my throat.

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