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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Irish, Jun 28, 2016.

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      Loud music from nightclub
      Hi folks,

      Figured it's better to start here than posting a question straight off in the Support forums!

      So my story is I have hyperacusis in both ears since very stupidly exposing myself to very loud music at a nightclub a number of months ago.

      Had pretty bad tinnitus for a while too but thankfully it's practically gone now.

      The H is still there though, particularly in the left ear.

      I guess you would call it mild to moderate, I think it has eased slightly in last couple of months but have reached a plateau now where it hasn't improved for some time.

      In last couple of months, I've developed this very annoying ear blockage especially on the left side where the H is stronger, it's accompanied by a clicking or crackling if I even slightly 'flex' the tendons or muscles in that part of my head/ear, happens also if I swallow or yawn.

      Sometimes (in fact almost daily) it's also painful in the ear canal and overall that ear just feels more sensitive, more 'open'.
      The blockage does tend to gradually clear or improve as each day goes on but during the morning, daytime and sometimes evening too, it can be uncomfortable, annoying and sometimes painful.

      The H I can live with for now, can always use earplugs if I know I will be in loud situations (or going for a swim), but the ear blocking and crackling/clicking is a bloody nuisance, has really been getting to me at times.

      So what I'm looking for is a resolution for this or at least an improvement in the situation as it's affecting my mood badly at times, affecting my work and relationships too.
      It looks like quite a few people on here have some combination of these symptoms albeit perhaps not exactly the same.

      I suspect as well that it could be something like 'glue ear' or ETD, athough that said, neither my audiologist or ENT consultant have been able to diagnose me with anything (apart from some hyperacusis).

      They say my ear health is pretty much fine aside from a slight dip in part of my hearing spectrum and a slightly lower than normal tolerance for sounds.

      I fanyone has anything similar and recommendations for same, i would be grateful and of course I'll try to provide advice to people where I think it's useful

      Many thanks and looking forward to better things for all of us
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. Looks like your experience with T & H is opposite to mine. Your H stays and your T is practically gone. Mine H is practically gone but my T remains. In fact my situation seems to be the case with most people whose H came after really high pitched T hit. I think it is best you post your condition also to the Hyperacusis support forum. There you may find somebody who has similar situation. Yes the crackling and beeping (or morse code mode) of T is also quite common among members. If you search with those terms you will get a lot of discussions on that. There are members who have that condition also posted success stories and you may want to search the Success Stories forum with those conditions. If you move some muscle or tendon in the face/jaw/neck and that can affect your T, perhaps you can see a TMJ specialist to see if you have that problem. It is known to cause T. Good luck. God bless.
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