New tone - what should I do?

Discussion in 'Support' started by monophaser, Dec 12, 2013.

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      hi TinnnitusTalk,

      The last couple of days I've experienced a new tone. I have multiple tones, the most dominant being a high pitched ringing in the left ear. Now I'm experiencing (not as loud as the left ear though) a new tone in the right ear. Weird to hear a new T sound!
      I think I heard it while going to sleep a couple of days ago for the first time, and it sort of just stayed there. It's a lot more "wobbly" in the sound, and not steady at all. The pitch is also not super high pitched, but a has a deeper sound. It goes up and down in volume and has this "blurred" quality to it. It's almost like my ear is thumping a bit with the sound.

      I have been sitting in my room writing an exam paper, so I haven't been exposed to any loud noise.

      I don't know if this could have any connection to this experience I had a 2-3 weeks ago. I was at a private party, and some guy yelled very near to my right ear, and I had a week or two being very sensitive in the ear. If I had been physically active, everything would distort and sound weird. Though this sensitiveness is starting to go away, I now have this new wobbly tone...

      Any advice?
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      Bad luck and bad genes
      I'm sorry to hear that, I myself have acquired a new tone as of recent. :sick:

      But if I learned something in these years of tinnitus is that it's pointless to try to search for a cause, believe me I've done it so much that I thought everything was the cause of my T. Every time it spikes i would try to find a reasonable explanation, a loud sound, something in the diet, anything.

      It really is like torture, a slow torture and when you think your life is getting back on track and you've got used to it, bam, here is another spike or a tone for you. Honestly I'd much rather have physical pain that I can feel than this horrid disease.
    3. Luca

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      I came to the same conclusion. Shrug and move on.
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      tones come and go as it pleases them, just the base tones remain the same over time i guess...
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      I sometimes hear that same sound you mention - usually when I've had a busy day or very tired. Seems to come and go that one

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