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      I’ve recently started experience tinnitus. Well I think it’s recent. This experience has made me wonder if it’s always been there softly. Now it has been super loud like mosquito sounds. I can hear it above TV and such. I’ve had lots of ear popping and occasional wind sound. When I swallow it pops and I can hear a click. I went for hearing test and I had some minor low frequency hearing loss, no ear wax, and she said pressure was fine. The went to ENT same day. He examined ear and throat and nasal. Said nothing too bad. Small indication of allergies and a little bone growth in one ear. He suggested removing caffeine, limited salt, and exercise.

      On a side note for several years I’ve had visual auras. Probably about 2 dozen times since 2012. I see a Nero soon because of that. I’ve also been stressed lately

      Just wanting people's thoughts. I’m really nervous about this and trying to control it.
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      Hello @LNY and welcome.

      The first thing is to try and relax. For most people, tinnitus will clear up on its own.

      @Bill Bauer wrote the following post discussing studies that show a fairly high recovery rate from tinnitus (

      It is also important to try not to stress out about this and try to maintain a positive attitude.

      @billie48 wrote his success story demonstrating how positivity helped him habituate.

      @Michael Leigh wrote the following, excellent post on the importance of positivity: and the following on negativity and tinnitus

      As you are new to this, and in case you have not found this post yes, Michael Leigh (mentioned above) has a lot of posts on this forum containing a wealth of information. I would highly recommend searching them out. I would suggest starting with the following. It is long, but contains a lot of valuable information that will help you better understand what you have and what to expect.

      As for the visual aura, I am unfamiliar with that, but I know I have seen posts on that topic. If you use the search feature near the top of the page, and enter "visual aura" you will find a number of posts that seem to describe what you are experiencing. I think it takes a day or so to get the ability to message people directly, but when you are able to I would suggest contacting people who have experienced what you are experiencing. I have found the members of this forum extremely helpful. You may also want to post a message about your visual aura in the "Support" section, with a title that includes the phrase so to attract others who have similar symptoms.

      Try not to stress out, which I know is not easy. Depression and anxiety are common with tinnitus, and can feed into it exacerbating the symptoms. That, of course, will increase the anxiety and depression. It can be a vicious cycle, a feedback loop that can get out of control. Worrying will not change anything and will only cause you stress.

      The good news is that you found this forum. You will find that it is full of caring, compassionate, and supportive people who are willing to help and support fellow tinnitus sufferers. And, we understand what you are experiencing. We may not understand every aspect, but you will find multiple people who are experiencing each symptom you are and who understand how devastating and debilitating they can be.

      I wish you luck. Please keep us updated on your progress.
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