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      Wanted to share my story and get any advice. I must say this forum has been incredibly useful and helpful based on my experience.

      I came back from a weeks holiday last year and just one night noticed a noise in one ear. I thought it was some electrical equipment on in the house, but after trawling through every room, I started to realise it was in my ear, something I confirmed by blocking my ears with my finger and still hearing the noise deep in my right ear. The week I was away I did go swimming and spend a long time in a Jacuzzi that was quite loud, but didn't think much of it. Another thing that is playing on my mind is I was prescribed some ED meds a while back after a relationship break up and then finally meeting somebody else this year in a similar position. I didn't actually use them until recently, probably a few weeks before this happened. Didn't notice anything at the time, and actually only took one single tablet as most of the original stress had gone. Whilst reading up online I have read of connections to hearing damage and tinnitus, which is scary. Needless to say the rest will be going in the bin regardless. Other things to note are I do regularly drink diet drinks like coke with sweeteners in, and used to have a habit of taking Ibuprofen a few times a week if couldn't sleep, again both of which have stopped now. Hearing also isn't great in my family, although never had a problem with mine. Can't really think of any noise induced trigger which is strange.

      I have so far had a hearing test and there was no discernible loss to speak of. A very minor difference in one ear, which apparently is pretty common and not statistically relevant. Also waiting on an MRI scan. The ENT I saw just seemed to say not a lot could really do other than a few tests and would either go away or I learn to adjust.

      The sound is constant but intermittent, rather like fast electric printing or morse code. Personally I just feel something isn't quite right, but am nervous nothing will be identified. I guess luckily it's not loud enough to notice much during the day due to the level of ambient background noise, but on a night it's far more noticeable. Lost a bit of sleep, but gradually trying to adjust. Strangely, when I wake up, it never seems quite as noticeable first thing. Finally, have noticed of late I can here high pitched sounds in some rooms and get them to cut out absolutely dead (and come back), by sharply turning my head to one side. Again this doesn't seem right at all. Perhaps it's some slight nerve damage?

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      An update here is that my hearing test and MRI looked fine. My ENT seemed to think that this means it is unlikely to get louder, and may gradually reduce. I guess it's just a matter of time now. The difficulty I am sensing is differentiating between reduction in noise and just getting used to it and not noticing it as much.
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      Interesting... check out the ototoxic meds thread and see if your med is on that list.
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      A lot of us here have had our tinnitus start or get worse from an ototoxic drug. There are many drugs out there that may cause ear damage to unsuspecting people. For me, it was a blood pressure drug. I already had very mild tinnitus, but the drug made mine far worse.

      The good news is, you can habituate to the sound. It may take you a while (it varies from person to person), but it is very possible that your mind and body will adjust to the sound after awhile. In the meantime, there are a lot of suggestions on this forum for ways to cope. The best thing you can do, believe it or not, is to ignore the sound, and live your life as normally as possible. Once you do that, you'll begin to notice that things will improve.

      Best of luck, and look around this forum for lots of suggestions.

      Take care,
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