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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by JohnS, Jun 20, 2014.

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      Say folks - I am new to this forum. I have had T for about 10 years - believe it was culmination of sound issues over time... Last several months though it has become really, really noticeable and frankly, am at a loss as to where to turn. Was looking for a holistic approach I might try... and "no" I have as yet to see an ENT doctor.

      I got some spam-a-gram for a miracle treatment and in researching if found this forum.

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      :welcomesignanimation: Hey John, Welcome to TT!! This form is a fantastic resource for folks with T (like you and me!)!! Spend some time exploring the various topics and threads. Lots of holistic and alternative treatment and remedy ideas shared here on TT!

      Beware "miracle" treatments/remedies!! Lots of B.S. out there that takes your hard earned $$$ and does not deliver!!

      I wish you peace and rest, and please visit and post often!!

      Cheers! :beeranimation:


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      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.
      Welcome John. I agree with Jeff about the charletans out there trying to fleece you of your money with empty promises of curing T.

      I am doing Acupunture with traditionnal Chinese medicine and so far it seems to lessen the T somewhat. I also take plenty of vitamin supplements which are suggested to help with hearing loss and T. like calcium, B-complex, zinc, magnesium, B12, vitamin C, and fish oil.

      I'm a newbie as well and have up and down days but everyone here says, overtime it will get better. hang tough!

      Welcome again!


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