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      hey everybody...

      newbie here. my name is Rado. so glad i found this community.

      i started having tinnitus after going to a club one nite 23 years ago. i was young and stood under a sub-woofer in the club for about 5 mins. walked out and couldnt hear a thing for about half an hour. my hearing slowly returned but i had a permanent ring in both ears from then on.

      i've been able to live w/it just fine. but i'm a musician and every now and again i play a show that exacerbates my T. and just recently (about a week ago) i played a 3 hr show that did just that. we were playing at very loud volumes in an acoustic space that is terrible for musicians ear health, and i wasnt wearing earplugs the whole time. anyway, this recent episode has been one out of the 2 worst upticks of my T since i originally started with it in '92.

      so i'm here to get support, support others and learn more about T.

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