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Discussion in 'Support' started by Avabelle, Aug 6, 2015.

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      Hi everyone,

      I injured my neck, ears and back carrying groceries back in February of this year. Now, I have sporadic clicking in my left ear which seems to be triggered by lifting. It comes and goes and sometimes totally disappears for weeks at a time. The clicking sound in my left ear is making me depressed and anxious - and wakes me out of my sleep.

      I see a doctor in about a week - and I am not coping with this very well.

      I took a bunch of magnesium last night and it helped a bit, but made me nauseous. I bought muscle relaxants today and I will take one tonight.

      I'm scared that this is never going to go away and I am wondering if anyone has any advice for me. I am also wondering if anyone has had a botox shot in the ear...and if it worked for them? I'm willing to try surgery or anything that it takes.

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      If the noise is triggered by lifting you would not hear it in your sleep.
      Muscle spasms in your neck and around your ear can cause sharp clicking sounds. Also there is a condition called stapedium myoclonus that can cause this clicking in your ear. You could try researching that.
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      Hopefully I can give you a shortcut to the place you want to be. Maybe you can avoid all the doctors, treatments, exercises, books, the worrying, the sleeplessness, the constant searching for a cause, the energy drain etc....
      I've had T since '74 thanks to loud music. Drugs don't help. Masking doesn't help. Medicine doesn't help. Accupressure doesn't help. I was at my wit's end. I noticed it was getting louder through the years. I noticed it because I was listening to it. Now I don't listen to it. Just like I don't stare at the sun, or put my hand in fire, or walk into traffic. Listening to T makes more T, in my case. Many people are helped with drugs and other things - not me. Because in my case, to see if the cure works I have to listen to my T. I stopped listening to my T. I don't hear it. If I listen to it, it's there. Finally after all these years I found something that shuts it out...try it ...

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