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      Hi.I've just joined this forum lying awake at 4 in the morning as my tinnitus has recently intensified.
      Was wondering if many members suffer lack of sleep due to it?.
      In the last couple of weeks it has
      Gotten progressively louder.
      I have tried various methods from my ent clinic e.g.hearing aid.pillow speaker and recently white noise. None of which work.
      I do try and ignore it but nothing seems to help.getting a little desperate now I must admit.
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      not sure
      Welcome Keithbob. Do you know what have caused the tinnitus to increase recently? Stress, grief, anxiety, taking ototoxic meds, hearing loss, TMJ, etc. These can cause T to increase. If white noise doesn't help, have you tried the masking sounds on this TT thread, such as rain, blue noise, violet noise, cicada, cricket etc? It seems your T is in a spite. Usually spikes will settle down to baseline if you keep calm and focus on living to distract from paying attention to T. Lack of sleep or sleeplessness is quite common when T is intrusive when new or when it kicks up to a new level. Try natural supplements such as chamomile tea, melatonin etc before using sleep meds. Try read as many success stories as possible. You will find that sleeplessness is just normal for most folks at the beginning but then over time it gets better. Hope all is well with you soon. Try these sounds on this thread and don't panic:

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