Newby (Questions about Sound Boxes, Tinnitus Moving, Habituation)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Simon Williams, Mar 30, 2016.

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      Hi, I'm 43 and I have had T for 3 months, brought on after a yawn. It came on all of a sudden! And been there since..

      A few questions...

      I have problems with sleeping. How do ppl overcome this without the drugs.

      Sound Box?? Or could I use and ipod plugged into an external speaker?

      Should I NOT be using in ear headphones at all? For Sleeping and running..?

      My T started in my left ear. But mostly now seems like its residing from the back of my head. Mostly rushing\Humming sensation.. BUT and times it will occur from diff places? IS that possible?

      How is the best way to 'Habituate'. Should I be ignoring the noise.. Advice pls.. PPL say to switch off to the noise, How? I am been a lot more positive with my situation after a traumatic start!

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