Newish Tinnitus and Participating in a Clinical Trial (AM-101)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by terence arnold, Jan 26, 2015.

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      I started with a ringing in my ears after using a carpet cleaner for two days. This has happened before when using power tools or spending time in loud environments,however it has always previously cleared up after a few days but not this time.

      I went to my GP about 8 weeks later and was referred to a tinnitus clinic.they c tested my hearing and gave me a leaflet and sent me on my way,I suppose maybe the fact I didn't make a big deal of it and was managing it by always having music on or when quiet I read which managed to allow me to ignore it.

      A month later I read an article in the paper about a trial being done to treat tinnitus and so contacted the website address given , read the info they sent and applied to go on it.I was accepted on it as I.met the trial criteria along which was that the tinnitus must have occurred less than twelve months ago.

      I started the trial in last September and completed the initial phase last week, there was no improvement but I could have been one of those who received the placebo. I have started the second part the trial today where I will definitely be receiving the injection in to my ear drum today , Tuesday and Wednesday.the purged will be monitored over the next few months and hearing tests done so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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      Terence that's good you've got on the trial,looking forward to the outcome ,I wish you well with it .like many in UK we've had it to long ,but who knows what the future hold long term ,at least something's moving towards this T .
      Gives us hope .again good luck Terence
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      Terence you sound like me I went 200 miles to one of the so-called best clinics in the US and they sent me out the door with a pamphlet on tinnitus a script for melatonin and ginko ,which I can get at any healthfood store.That all cost me and my Insurance over 1000 dollars .You get more help on here than most clinics thats ashame but I am glad you found a trial, good for you and for the members staff and doctors on TT we will just keep doing what we do supporting and helping each other .Who knows mabe one of the doctors that set us on our way withj ust a pamphlet may just join this site someday and then they will understand what we go through.Dr. Naglers' quote has given me more hope than anything"just because you have tinnitus dosen't mean you have to suffer with it"
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      Thanks for your welcomes everyone. Yes it is the AM101 trail that I am on. I am interested in reading and researching more on what the causes of tinnitus are and therefore how the hearing system and brain works. Before I plough through a google search to pick out the gold has anyone got any good sites or links to research papers >

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      @Terence any updates??
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      Bueller? Bueller?


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