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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Connie3140, May 25, 2017.

    1. Connie3140

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      San Diego, CA
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      Mild hearing loss

      I noticed the buzzing in my ears about a month ago -- middle of April. I would describe it as like the sound from fluorescent lights, only louder -- somewhere between a buzz and a hiss sound. I went to the Scripps clinic here in San Diego and had a hearing test a week ago, and then saw the ENT doc. My hearing test showed sensorineural to some degree in both ears -- not too bad for the most part. The ENT doctor didn't find any physical causes like earwax or bony growths, so it apparently is caused by the hearing loss.

      I was pretty upset with the realization that I would never experience just quiet in my head anymore. That realization distressed me a bit, but since then I'm staring to adjust to the new normal and often don't notice it if I'm paying attention to something else like the TV or conversation. At work I kind of pretend it's just the fluorescent lights. Of course at night it's more pronounced, and I also notice it when I'm driving. I've been listening to audiobooks for some time to help me fall asleep, and that still works.

      So at present it doesn't seem that bad, especially compared to what I now understand some of you are experiencing. I am afraid though, that it could get worse, but I'll try not to fixate on that.

      I'm going to try going to a "concierge" audiologist here, who offers both Desyncra and Serenade. They offer a free consultation, so I'm going to take advantage of that and then do more research before I decide if I want to spend the big bucks.

      Best wishes to all of you,
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    2. James
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      Hi @Connie

      It sounds like your doing great. Imo, something like this takes quite a while to adjust. I like your positive attitude which seems to be helping you cope already. Just wanted to reply, Welcome!
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    3. Bill Bauer
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      February, 2017
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      Acoustic Trauma
      Could it be caused by acoustic trauma (one time exposure to loud noise, could have been weeks before the onset of tinnitus), or by noise (exposure to noise over a long period of time)?

      It is a distressing prospect for me too. However, maybe not all is lost.
      Check out the thread below
      Some of the studies there (make sure to see the studies on the second page too) are about older adults (50-90 years old). My guess is that most of them got T as a result of hearing loss. You can see that something like 25% eventually experience complete recovery. Many experience a reduction in volume. But it can certainly take a very long time for things to begin to improve...
    4. Honey_Bee

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      Ear infection?
      Hi Connie! Glad to hear you are doing well! I am also from San Diego. Such a great city. I found a great audiologist in La Jolla that specializes in tinnitus if you ever need more info. Keep rocking your tinnitus management!
    5. Jeff M.

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      Hi Connie!! Like @Honey_Bee I'm in SD too. It's good to read that you seem like you're doing well. Believe me I know how hard it is. I'm almost 5 years into it and still have T, but I have habituated to it. And you will too! Stoked to see that you're here on tinnitus talk. There's lots of good people and good information and support. There is a support group for tinnitus here in San Diego that meets in University City on the first Wednesday of every month contact me if you want more information. San Diego folks need to stick together! All the best!
    6. Ben In SD

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      Natural Hearing Loss
      @Connie3140 Hey Connie! Fellow San Diego resident w/ T! Just want to say that you're not alone and I've already found some awesome people on this forum that have helped me more than I thought possible. I've never used these things, but during this whole situation....they have been a life saver.

      I would be very interested in meeting with this audiologist. :)

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