Nicotine Patches — Could It Worsen Tinnitus Due to Constricting Blood Vessels?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Nathan, Nov 2, 2019.

    1. Nathan
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      Lately, I've been using nicotine patches to help with my ADHD. I've read that nicotine can worsen tinnitus and hearing due to constricted blood vessels, but I haven't noticed any worsening symptoms since I began using them. I'm only using a quarter to half a patch, which is 7 to 14 mg a day. In the evening, I'll drink coconut water for the potassium, which helps increase blood flow.

      Any tips would be appreciated as always. :)
    2. mrbrightside614

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      Acoustic trauma
      It palpably robbed my ear of blood flow which was bad for my hyperacusis, and possibly tinnitus. I’ve been exercising intensely since I’ve been medically cleared, and using a Juul when needed. No effect on the tinnitus and good for stress, just don’t hit it constantly. Just for cravings.
    3. Horrorpopz

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      Noise exposure/meds/who knows?
      So I have really bad tinnitus/reactive tinnitus and a very extreme case of hyperacusis.

      After wearing nicotine patches for three days I've got a massive setback both in tinnitus and hyperacusis :(.

      Be careful with it guys, because right now I want to die.

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